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Who is Rachel Maddow?

Heard on the Rachel Maddow show tonight:

Maddow:  I “couldn’t be happier” that Michael Steele signed on to MSNBC today.


Rachel: Do you think adding yet another wingnut to our pundotocracy is a good thing?

Are you bought?

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David Sirota — Ratings Whore?

Hey, believe me, I love progressive radio — love, love it, listen to it all day —  but when something like this happens I can’t help but be suspicious:

On Thursday, May 19, AM760 (Denver) “progressive radio talk” show host David Sirota — a very popular guy around here and a rising star — sent out this Tweet:

On Friday, May 20 he upped the tease:

At roughly  8:06 AM today Sirota said he’d make the announcement in a minute or two.  Come 8:25-ish, Sirota said he had to put the announcement off until tomorrow but sorry, sorry, sorry.

David Sirota is 36-years-old; old enough to know that when you say you’re going to make an announcement ah, you make it.  Especially when you give two day’s notice.

But no.

So I can’t help but wonder — and be suspicious — as to what’s going on.

Has David Sirota sold his $oul to the rating$ god$?

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My Thoughts Are With the People of Joplin, Missouri

116 dead (and counting) due to the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri yesterday.

Judging from the video I’ve seen, the destruction is horrific.

What a terrifying event.

Photo: ABCNews/Mark Schiefelbein

My thoughts are with you.

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Darling Little Chicks

Break time!

Checkout this video of three darling little chicks squabbling over a worm:


Man.  They can move.

I hope the woman who filmed this cut the worm in three pieces and gave one to each of those little gaffers.

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Sarah Palin’s “Prayer Shield”

This would be Sarah Palin on Greta Van Sustern’s show on Fox last Thursday:

And I’m at that point of saying, yes, you know, whatever. It’s going to keep on coming, and you know, I feel like I have a prayer shield in front of me that deflects a lot of that. I just want to make sure that for my loved ones, for my parents, for my spouse and my children and those close to me, that they have that tool to deflect also so that they’re not adversely affected.

Shorter:  I keep saying incoherent, ignorant things and waaaaaaah, the media hurts my feewings and my family’s feewings when they call me on it.  Not that I’m a crybaby or a professional victim or anything.

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Hey, Let’s Privatize Everything

Check out how defense spending has skyrocketed since 2001 when Donald Rumsfeld began moving defense contracts to the “more efficient” private sector:

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Michael Steele Joins MSNBC

Michael Steele, the outspoken and unguarded former Republican National Committee chairman, has inked a deal for the job he was born for: talking head on cable news.

MSNBC announced Monday morning in POLITICO’s Playbook that Steele will join the network as a political analyst, contributing regularly to its programming.

Great.  Just what we need.  Another conservative voice on television. (I hope you sense the sarcasm.)

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