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“Liberal” Blog Cheers Obama/Boehner Deal

This is how far right our politics have gone.  This is the headline from the radical, liberal, socialist Huffington Post:

This, sadly, is the new norm in the “liberal media” but as for me and my friends? Our heads are exploding.

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President Obama Thanks Americans For Tweeting

Geezus.  I was composing a post a few minutes ago about how President Obama was going to “speak to the nation” at 8:45 p.m. ET, but his “speech” came and went in a flash.

It was roughly 90-seconds long and he — the most powerful man on the planet — thanked the nation for tweeting their congresspeople, as if he has/had no control over what’s going on in Washington.

Un.  Freakin’. Believable.

No way is he wise enough to be president in these times.

Yes, he might be intelligent.  But wise?  I don’t think so.

UPDATE: I just watched the “speech” again.  Obama thanked American’s for tweeting their representatives: that “compelled Washington to act.”

What happened was the Tea Party got pretty much everything it wanted so I guess he’s thanking them.

Crazy depressing or what?

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Tea Party: Jump! D.C. Democrats: How High?

This would be our Tweet of the Day (read this and you’ll understand how Washington just fucked working Americans (including Tea Partiers, by the way)):

If you’re unaware of what’s going on right now, read this.

Republicans must be laughing their asses off at Obama…astonished that they got essentially everything they wanted.  Next time all they have to do is hold out and voila, they’ll get the rest of the stuff they want, like doing away with The Big 3.

Gotta love community organizers.

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Ford Creates 5,000 New Jobs

Hell yeah.  Let’s give corporations (even more) tax breaks so they’ll create jobs…like they are now, right?

Ford to Create 5,000 JobsIN INDIA!

US automobile major Ford will invest $1 billion (Rs.4,000 crore) to manufacture cars and engines at an integrated facility at Sanad in Gujarat, generating 5,000 jobs, the company announced Thursday.

Ford has entered signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat government to construct the facility, a company statement said. The construction of both the plants will begin later this year, with the first vehicle and engine scheduled to come off the line in 2014, it added.

How long are people going to buy the tax-breaks-create-jobs meme?  It should have died back in 2008 at the beginning of this recession or certainly, in the nearly three years since.


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Writer’s Block

The New York Times has an interesting little post up about what some famous writers snack(ed) on while they write.  This would be Truman Capote:

Hey, if it works…

More here.

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“Shared Sacrifice?”

I’m waiting too.


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Nothing to do With the Debt Ceiling

Check out these hilarious portraits of dogs, snapped while they were shaking water off of themselves:

More here.

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