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Rick Perry Has “Presidential Hair”

Remind me — please — not to watch Fox because I don’t have time to post about their crapola every time I do, be it for a second or ten.  That said, I turned to BillO tonight as I was wrapping up in the kitchen and lo and behold, there was Charles Krauthammer, touting Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) for president:  He has “presidential hair.”

So, per the wingers, 2012 is a vote for the best “presidential hair?”


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Dave Duerson’s Brain Shocked Scientists

I want to put this abbreviated post up before I head to bed:

The NFL star and the brain injuries that destroyed him

Before the former American football player Dave Duerson killed himself, he asked that his brain be left to researchers studying head injuries among athletes. What it revealed shocked the scientists.


The dissection reveals three huge holes in the brain – one large triangle right in the centre of the brain, and two ovals parallel to each other at the base. It is apparent that McKee, who has studied more athletes’ brains than probably any other person, is shocked by what she sees.

“This is an extreme case,” she says, “but it is also very characteristic.” She points to the triangular hole, consisting of the lateral ventricles, and says it clearly shows “tremendous disruption”. There should be a membrane separating the two ventricles, but it has been so battered by the footballer’s repeated blows to the head that only the thinnest of filaments is left. The two oval holes are the ventricles of the temporal lobe and they too are extremely enlarged to compensate for tissue lost from the lobes themselves, another classic sign of having your head bashed repeatedly. “The temporal lobes are crucial to memory and learning and you can see they are very, very small, as miniaturised as possible.”

Read more at the link above.

One of my brothers committed suicide and donated his body to science so I tend to follow headlines like this.

My hope is that their deaths haven’t been in vain.

We’ve gotta learn what causes this.



Love you Eric.

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What Do You LOVE to Do?

Meet Boey.

Check out the drawings Boey makes on Styrofoam cups (more at the link above):

Love ’em.

My hat’s off to people who find their calling and run with it…especially when it involves Styrofoam cups and pens!

(I’m jealous.)

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About Taking Kids Away From Their Parents: The Lightening Edition

Last week the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article titled:  State Intervention in Life-Threatening Childhood Obesity.  It postulates that obese children should be taken away from their “abusive” parents.

I bring this up because at this moment here in Boulder, we are experiencing an intense thunderstorm.  The sky is dark, the wind is blowing, lightening is flashing and there is almost constant thunder.

According to the local news, there have been 1400+ lightening strikes in my area in the last hour,

yet I hear a crowd of kids playing in a backyard three houses away.

Are the parents of those kids guilty of child abuse for potentially exposing them to a lightening strike?

Just asking.

I.e., where does this end?

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Lunatic Headlines of the Day

Every day I come across headlines about the crazy things wingers are saying and doing. If I posted all of them individually, I wouldn’t do anything else so I think I’ll try to make a habit of posting the headlines and you can go on to read the gory details.  If you have the time.

●●  Bryan Fischer:  The 1st Amendment only applies to Christians.

●●  Allen West (R-FL):  Obama Supporters are a Threat to the Gene Pool.

●●  Rudy Giuliani:  Military Spending “Not a Major Part” of the Federal Budget.

●●  Ted Nuggent:  The Democratic Party is a “Modern-Day Slave Master” to Low Income Americans.

●●  Bachmann:  Divers Black Farmer Money to Flood Victims.

●●  Darrell Issa (R-WI):  The August 2 Debt Ceiling Deadline is “Artificial,” Created by Obama so He Can “Extort a Deal Through his Reelection Period.”

●●  GOP Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge Calls for “Robust Childbearing and Reproduction.”

That’s one day’s worth.

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The Ad Democrats Should Be Airing All Across the Country

Look at this fantastic advertisement WeAreWisconsin is airing in Wisconsin in conjunction with the recall election there.  Why aren’t Democrats putting something like this up all across the country?  (Answer:  A total lack of foresight and no cojones.)



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Murdoch “Attacked” During Testimony Before Parliament

Someone tried to throw a shaving-cream-filled pie in Rupert Murdoch’s face today during his testimony before the British Parliament but Murdoch’s wife, Wendy Deng fought the guy off.

Here is an image captured by ABCNews:

That this happened is a bummer because now the headline about what happened today will be about the pie, not the evasive, we’re-the-victim testimony given by Rupert and his son James.

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