Americans to D.C. — Don’t Cut Entitlements!

July 26, 2011 at 3:50 PM Leave a comment

Here’s yet another indication D.C. isn’t listening to We the People:

What if pollsters asked Americans which concerns them more: The prospect of tax hikes on people like them, or the possibility of cuts to Medicare and Social Security?

Well, a new National Journal poll released today has done just that. And by a sizable margin, a plurality is more concerned about cuts to entitlements than about paying more taxes. It’s yet another sign that the public is on the Dems’ side in this fight.

Here’s the key finding, from the internals of the poll, which were sent my way by National Journal:

In the debate over proposals to increase the federal debt ceiling, which of the folllowing possible outcomes concern you most?

A default on the federal debt that could raise interest rates for things like mortgages and consumer loans: 17

An agreement that raises taxes on people like you: 17

An agreement that authorizes too much federal spending in the next few years: 19

An agreement that cuts too much from government programs like Medicare and Social Security: 39

Hike our taxes before you cut our “entitlements.”  GOT THAT WASHINGTON?!


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