Save (What’s Left of) the American Dream

July 26, 2011 at 2:19 PM Leave a comment

You won’t see this on teevee tonight (but you would if it involved the Tea Party):

With a turn-out that seeks to make the Tea Party jealous,, Campaign For America’s Future and the Rebuild The Dream Movement are encouraging 20,000 supporters to protest on Capitol Hill against the debt ceiling “compromise.” For those who can’t make the trek to DC, the groups are calling for members to protest outside their local district office.

Organized by the burgeoning Dream movement the protests are an effort to galvanize the force of separate progressive organizations into a uniformed movement that rivals and counteracts the Tea Party’s influence on Washington.

The local protests are happening today; they were organized over just the last 24-hours.  Here are a few pictures, more of which you can find here (click on the bottom to activate the roll):


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