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Obama: Unemployment is a “Quiet Crisis” What?

This is a quote from President Obama’s brief address to the nation today after the Senate passed the screw-Americans-debt-ceiling-bill:

“There already is a quiet crisis going on in the lives of a lot of families and a lot communities all across the country. They are looking for work and they have been for a while … that ought to compel Washington to cooperate, that ought to compel Washington to compromise and that ought to compel Washington to act.”

First of all, you ARE Washington Obama so cut this game of talking TO Washington.  Tell us what you’re compelled to do, don’t ask what Washington’s compelled to do.  The buck stops with you.

But beyond that, you think the unemployment situation out here is a “quiet crisis?”  Are you kidding me?  The only reason it’s a “quiet crisis” is because the “lobbyists” we working folk send to Washington, i.e., our representatives, our senators and YOU, aren’t listening.  You all are listening to the guys who come bearing big checks and that, apparently, is the only sound you hear.

Oh, and one more thing:  Please, please stop using the word compromise.  You have redefined that word.  It now means Republicans ask for what they want, you stall for a few weeks or months and then give them pretty everything so let’s stop pretending, OK?

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Stocks Plunge?

The Dow closed down 264.36 this afternoon and gold is up $11 to $1,656.20.

Gosh.  Haven’t we just come down from listening to a month of yelling and screaming about how “the markets” want stability to we’ve gotta get that damn debt ceiling thing resolved.  And now there’s this?

According to the Financial Times, the “negotiation process has damaged business confidence and taken attention away from a worsening economy” so I guess Wall Street is waking up, looking around, and not liking what it sees because Washington didn’t actually deal with any of the real issues.

Gee.  Who could have imagined?

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When, Oh When Will We Have a Better Media?

Here’s a short, must-see video showing how low our crappy, sensationalist “news” media will go to generate ratings (and fear), never mind the facts:

You’d think the little kid in this video was a future gangsta, instead of the truth:  He dreams about becoming a policeman.


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And We Begin Another Round…

Andrea Mitchell signals what the Republican position will be during the next round of “bipartisan” talks:

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