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Wisconsin – Three R’s Win, One D, Two Undecided

That’s the bottom line.

Heading to bed…with my fingers, eyes, legs and arms crossed…

Can’t stay awake.  The doggies will get me up at 4:00 a.m. again tomorrow.

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Get the Mark Halperin ExxonMobil App Now!

Mark Halperin is a commentator on MSNBC’s “liberal” morning show, “Morning Joe,” starring GOP’er Joe Scarborough.

He is also the “senior political analyst” for Time magazine and for and oh, a few weeks ago he was suspended from MSNBC for calling President Obama “a dick.”

Read more about the alleged professionalism (cough) of this “journalist” here.

Anyway, Halperin’s got a new gig and a new app and guess what?  It’s sponsored by ExxonMobil!

So, the next time you see Mark Halperin on the teevee, remember:  He unabashedly — he’s proud of it —  takes money from ExxonMobil. I.e., they own him so he just might, you know, (for example) advocate against global warming because it’s ah, “controversial.”  And he might say a Democratic president is a dick because that dick doesn’t capitulate to the corporations who want to have their way with our planet.

USA!  USA!  Where corporations control the news so they can fuck the people who watch it.

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I’m Thinking About You Wisconsin!

I’m waiting for election returns from Wisconsin — fingers crossed.

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Fox “News,” Latino Style

This is the oh-so-relevant headline up at FoxNewsLatino right now:

Oy.  Guess I better start monitoring that site.

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Short Break

I l-o-v-e the look of the Baobab tree.  Seeing one in person is on my before-I-die to-do list.

Legend holds that when the Baobab was planted by God, it kept walking, so God pulled it up and replanted it upside down to stop it moving.

(Image via.)

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The DSCC’s Pathetic 2012 Election Strategy

My hubby received this postcard in the mail today from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

It’s no surprise I guess that the apparent strategy is to scare Democrats into voting for Barack Obama and Democratic senators who are up for re-election but it sure is pathetic.  Democrats have been in the majority in Washington for nearly three years.  The two years they held the House, the Senate and the White House.  The third year they held the Senate and the White House.  Still, they apparently feel they have nothing to brag about; nothing to sell in terms of what they’ve accomplished.

By their own admission, the big reason to vote for them next year is to “Stop the Radical Right.”

Again, how pathetic.

Remember Hope, Change and Yes We Can?!

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CNN Lets the Head of the GOP Lie About the Reasons for the Wisconsin Recall Election

If the leader of the national Republican party has to lie about why Wisconsin is holding a recall election today for six GOP state senators, you know they’re up to no good.  I mean, he knows if he tells the truth, people will be kinda pissed at what they did so, rather than standing up and being proud of it, he’s gotta lie:

Whatever happens tonight in Wisconsin, it has been a constant of this fight that Republicans have consistently falsefied the reason labor and Dems have waged this battle so bitterly. They have steadily downplayed the most extreme union-busting aspect of Scott Walker’s proposals, and have falsely asserted throughout that Dems and labor only made this stand because Walker asked public employees to cough up health and pension benefits.

So it’s fitting that as the recall elections hit their climax, the leader of the national GOP repeated this lie in the most hilariously blatant way yet. Here’s RNC chair Reince Priebus on CNN this afternoon:

ANCHOR: Is there buyers’ remorse in your home state of Wisconsin with Republican/Tea Party policy making?

PRIEBUS: No. I don’t think there’s any buyers’ remorse at all. You have a leader in Scott Walker who asked state employees to pay just a little bit more in pension and healthcare benefits, which was about half of what the rest of the state pays in those benefits. And that’s all he did. Now, in reaction to that, the public employee unions took $25 million, they put together a petition drive, and now they’re dumping millions of dollars on television trying to recall the senators for trying to balance a state budget.It’s the same type of tough choice that is were made in Wisconsin that the Republicans are trying to present to Americans in Washington.This is a completely false rendering of what actually happened. In reality, the protests from Democrats were prompted by Scott Walker’s proposal to strip public employees of their bargaining rights, protests that were later sustained by the deep cuts in his budget, leading to the recall drive.

Too bad CNN’s anchors don’t inform themselves about what’s going on so they can call someone like Priebus out and actually inform viewers as to what the facts are.  That the head of the national Republican party feels free to bald-faced lie on national television is a pretty good indication of the abhorrent state of our “news” media.

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