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Obama’s Tanking in…Connecticut?

Hey, believe me. I know the election is more than a year away and “anything can happen between now and then” (and it probably will) but I’ve been one to say that President Obama might want to try being the hope and change Democrat he ran as instead of a Bush Republican and I’m thinking people might agree with me:


Connecticut isn’t a place that would go on anybody’s list of swing states but Barack Obama is in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney there, leading only 47-45.

Obama’s poor showing in Connecticut is mostly a function of his own unpopularity.  Despite having won it by 23 points in 2008 his approval numbers are now under water at 48/49.  That represents a 17 point net shift in the wrong direction since PPP last polled the state in March- at that time Obama’s approval was a positive 55/39 spread.


After all, again, he ran on hope and change and he won!  Which, silly me, means the voters wanted that.  So, yo, Obama, is it any wonder people are disappointed?

P.S.  Where is the Democratic Party in all this?  Answer:  Sitting by, watching the party collapse.  (What’s happening in Colorado is a good example.)

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Poor, Poor Kim Kardashian

This would be Kim Kardashian at an aquarium in Connecticut the other day.

Does she ever — ever — relax?

INF Photo

Tell me those shoes are comfortable.

Ugh.  What a “life.”

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Six Hours at a Food Bank — $35,000 With the President

I spend time every week at my local food bank.  The goal there is to keep people off the street — to keep them from being homeless. The thinking is that if people get assistance with their food needs, they will be able to pay their rent and thus stay in their home.

The big topic of discussion today was that food banks all around the western United States are running out of food.  My particular bank used to let clients come through once a month.  Roughly two years ago they expanded that and let people come through once a week.  Now they’re thinking about going back to the once a month deal.

All the food we give out is based on family size.  For example, a “family” of one is entitled to roughly 30-40 pounds of food based on the once-a-week plan.  Turn that into a once-a-month plan and that person has to stretch that 30-40 pounds of food over four weeks.  A watermelon weighs what?  8 pounds. A turkey can weigh 24 pounds.

Imagine being dependent on the help of a food bank as the line between being having dependable shelter and living in your car.

With that in mind, I got home and saw this tweet:

If 60 people donated $35,800 to my food bank, that would add up to $2,148,000.

They send me to the store to buy ramen soup, but only if it’s selling for 10c or less.

How’s that for a perspective on our political system?



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Colorado Secretary of State Disenfranchises Our Troops

Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, recently ordered that the clerks in both Denver and Pueblo counties (heavily Democratic districts) not send mail-in ballots to anyone who did not cast a vote in 2010 — declaring them “inactive voters.”

That said,

Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz gave Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler until this morning to specifically and formally address another of the charged ramifications of his new interpretation of state election law. Gessler got in under the wire. Thursday evening, he sent Ortiz a letter ordering him not to send ballots to any of the county’s “inactive voters”– legally registered voters who failed to cast ballots in the previous even-year general election– including roughly 70 soldiers on the Pueblo County inactive voter rolls serving out-of-state. In Pueblo as elsewhere in the state, inactive voters are now meant to visit the clerk’s office or a polling place to retrieve ballots. With the election a month away, Gessler’s directive seems likely to effectively disenfranchise the soldiers.


Imagine you’re a soldier in Iraq, fighting for our freedom (which — hello — fundamentally includes the right to vote) and oops, you were ah, engaged in a war and golly gee, you just didn’t find the time to vote in 2010.  Now — per this Republican a**hole, you can’t vote at all come November.  How outrageous is that?!  These are our men and women in uniform for God’s sake.

And you know why Republicans are so fixated on finding ways to make it harder for people to vote?  Because their proposals and policies are so unpopular, the only way they can win is by rigging the system and keeping as many people from voting as possible. After all, the only voices they care to hear come from Wall Street and K Street.

Oh, and one last thing.  Colorado state Democrats are hopping mad right?  They’re jumping up and down, calling for a special session to deal with this, right?  No.  They seem to have Stockholm Syndrome.  They are well, the only sound I hear are crickets.

Too bad we don’t have a two-party system in this country any fucking more.


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About Them “Illegals”

I don’t care how much you hate “illegals,” we’re talking little kids here:

Many of the 223 Hispanic students at Foley Elementary [in Foley, Alabama] came to school Thursday crying and afraid, said Principal Bill Lawrence.

Nineteen of them withdrew, and another 39 were absent, Lawrence said, the day after a federal judge upheld much of Alabama’s strict new immigration law, which authorizes law enforcement to detain people suspected of not being U.S. citizens and requires schools to ask new enrollees for a copy of their birth certificate.


“It’s been a challenging day, an emotional day. My children have been in tears today. They’re afraid,” he said. “We have been in crisis-management mode, trying to help our children get over this.”


On Thursday, Lawrence said he wanted to get a message across to his students that they are safe at Foley Elementary.

Lawrence said that parents are afraid that they’ll get arrested and detained, and be cut off from their children.


What a horrible situation.

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D.C. Police Investigating The Onion for Fake Headline — (Not a Joke)

The people who are “keeping us safe” in Washington, D.C. don’t get out much.  (1)  They apparently have never heard of The Onion. (2) They have absolutely no sense of humor. (3) They seem to have endless money to blow.  And (4),  they don’t have a whole lot to do:

The Twitter feed operated by the satirical national newspaper The Onion created some confusion in Washington on Thursday with a series of tweets proclaiming breaking news of a hostage situation inside the Capitol building.

A pair of tweets started the apparent commotion. “BREAKING: Witnesses reporting screams and gunfire heard inside Capitol building,” the first tweet read, followed by another: “BREAKING: Capitol building being evacuated. 12 children held hostage by group of armed congressmen #CongressHostage”

The tweets recalled a similar flurry last month, when the Twitter feed for NBC News issued several false reports of an apparent attack on New York two days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11. NBC said it was the victim of a hack, and that the FBI was investigating the incident.


“It has come to our attention that recent Twitter feeds are reporting false information concerning current conditions at the U.S. Capitol. Conditions at the U.S. Capitol are currently normal,” U.S. Capitol police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider said in a press release. “There is no credibility to these stories or the twitter feeds. The U.S. Capitol Police are currently investigating the reporting.”


Are we in some sort of weird reality/time warp?  The Capitol police are behaving more like the Onion than the Onion.

They look like Absolute Fools.

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Homeland Security Idiots Are Blowing Our Tax Dollars

I just came across this:

U.S. utilities and other crucial industries face an increasing number of cyber break-ins by attackers using more sophisticated methods, a senior Homeland Security Department official told reporters during the first tour of the government’s secretive defense labs intended to protect the nation’s power grid, water and communications systems.

Acting DHS Deputy Undersecretary Greg Schaffer told reporters Thursday at one of several nondescript buildings that house Control System Security Program facilities that the world’s utilities and industries increasingly are becoming vulnerable as they wire their industrial machinery to the Internet.

“We are connecting equipment that has never been connected before to these global networks,” Schaffer said. Disgruntled employees, hackers and perhaps foreign governments “are knocking on the doors of these systems and there have been intrusions.”


My initial reaction was ah, yeah.  So get your act together already and deal with it.

Oops.  And then I remembered we’re broke because we’re spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan and on really stupid stuff like this:

New fencing designed to deter terrorist attempts is being installed around all the major bridges on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

The 8-foot fences are part of a $7 million project funded by the federal Department of Homeland Security.

The fencing will be an effective deterrent, according to retired Newark police lieutenant Jim O’Connor is a security consultant and certified anti-terrorism specialist.

O’Connor says the fencing could help prevent terrorists from blowing up a bridge or causing other extensive damage.

Wow. We’re getting a real bang for our buck, huh?  I mean, I’m pretty sure terrorists know about this little gizmo:


Say it ain’t so already.  Please.

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