Money Pours Into Banks Again — Never Mind the World’s Peons

September 15, 2011 at 6:56 PM Leave a comment

If you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the world-wide banking system, you’re missing another huge bailout. A bailout that, as usual, will benefit the very, very rich and leave the middle class and poor behind.  What’s happening is “the world’s central banks” are showing a “display of firepower” which is “intended to prevent an escalation of financial market tensions.”

Shorter:  “Financial market tensions” means rich people (bankers, stock market speculators, etc.) might lose a lot of money so the “world’s central banks” are using their “firepower” to bail the poor babies (also known as “job creators” here in the U.S.) out.

Must be nice, huh?

The message from the top?  Fuck you peons.  We’re using our money to rescue us, not you.

As an aside — but not by much — this is The Breakers, the summer cabin build by the Vanderbilt clan (Anderson Cooper is a descendant) during the roaring 20’s, when the income disparity was just about as bad as it is now:

More here:  TARP for Europe; more stimulus for U.S.: bankers:

Europe must take immediate and decisive action to safeguard its banking system, while the U.S. economy  is at stall speed and needs a dose of fiscal stimulus [to keep its bankers from losing money], top bankers and investors said on Thursday.


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