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Was Steve Jobs a Muslim?

Was Steve Jobs a Muslim?

Hey, I’m just sayin’ because this is the kind of thing Republicans would scream about if the deceased looked a little ah, darker and he wasn’t a 1%’er:

Jobs’ biological father is a man named Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian who was a political science graduate student when he met Jobs’ biological mother, an American named Joanne Simpson.

Jobs was later adopted and raised in the San Francisco area by Paul and Clara Jobs.

Reportedly, Jobs himself knew nothing about his biological parents until he was 27, so it’s doubtful that his part-Syrian heritage meant anything to him.

According to, Jobs’ biological father, Jandali, was born in Homs, Syria (ironically, one of the key centers of the anti-Assad movement in that country) to a traditional Muslim family.


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Steve Jobs Died Tonight But This Happened Too


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Steve Jobs Dies on Sarah Palin’s Parade

Sarah Palin made a big, big announcement today (well, not so much because we know she loves the $$ she’s getting from books, speaking engagements and Fox):

Sarah Palin 2012 Decision: Not Running

I know for a fact, just because I do, that Palin was looking forward to a night (or ten) of being at the top of the heap news-wise but damn that Steve Jobs, he went and died on her parade.

And then there are those hippies in NYC.

Poor thing.

Breaks my heart.  (Not.)  I’m thinking there’s some delicious karma going on here.

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Steve Jobs is Dead

Steve Jobs is dead at age 56.

I had a feeling — didn’t we all? — that this was coming.

All that money but it couldn’t buy him what he undoubtedly wanted more than anything:  Life.

Bravo to Jobs for leaving such an indelible mark on the world (never mind for now that he shipped thousands of jobs overseas) but, ugh, so sad.

I had a crush on him

for 30 years.

And now, back to the future:

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Ed Schultz to Broadcast Live from OccupyWallStreet Tonight

Ed Schultz will broadcast his show live tonight from Zuccotti “Liberty” Park in NYC, ground zero for the OccupyWallStreet (OWS) movement.

The guy finally seems to be getting it, or not.

I sent him a tweet a few days ago suggesting that he get his ass down there because OWS is the new Wisconsin — which he was so supportive of — but he came off as timid and confused when he talked about it on his radio show, whining (like the wingers):  What are their demands?

Hopefully now, now that Dylan Ratigan has been bold and super-supportive — Schultz ah, either cares about it or he wants to grab the ratings.  My guess is he wants to grab the ratings but whatever.  Coverage is good.


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Dog is Afraid of a Picture of Julia Roberts

It’s break time people!  Take a few seconds out here for a chuckle.

OMG, this is hilarious:

(Yeah, I know.  We don’t know exactly what the dog’s thinking (wish we did) — if it’s REALLY afraid of a picture of Julia Roberts — but this is so cute nonetheless.)


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Ah Yes, the “Liberal Media”

This would be our (sigh) Tweet of the Day:


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