Did You Know Bush Canceled a Trip to Switzerland — Faced Potential Arrest?

October 13, 2011 at 1:31 PM Leave a comment

Hey folks, this is “old news” (February 5, 2011) but being the political junky that I am, I had not heard about it until today so I’m thinkin’ maybe you haven’t heard about it either:

Bush Cancels Switzerland Visit Under Threat of Protests, Efforts to Arrest Him

President George W. Bush has canceled an event in the famously neutral country Switzerland because of expected protests to his presence there.

Bush was supposed to give the keynote address at a Jewish group’s charity gala on Feb. 12 in Geneva.

Leftist groups had planned to protest the visit, according to news agencies. But several human rights groups had also filed criminal complaints against Bush, demanding that he be taken into custody if he stepped on Swiss soil and investigated for allegations of ordering torture.

A right-wing member of the Swiss parliament also demanded last week Bush’s arrest on war crimes allegations if he came to the country, according to Reuters.

This was mentioned on DemocracyNow! today in connection with this:

Amnesty International asks Canada to arrest George W. Bush

Amnesty International says the Canadian government must arrest former U.S. president George W. Bush when he visits the country next week.

The human rights group says Canada is obliged under both Canadian and international law to arrest Bush and investigate him for war crimes and authorizing torture in the U.S.-led war on terror, the Canadian Press reports.

Bush is scheduled to attend an economic conference in Surrey, British Columbia, on October 20, along with former president Bill Clinton.

Is this embarrassing for us as a nation or what?




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