Ohio’s Governor Kasich (R) Let Ban on Wild Animal Ownership Expire

October 21, 2011 at 3:36 PM Leave a comment

About those 48 lions and tigers and bears, etc., slaughtered on that Ohio farm earlier this week:

Even as law officers tracked the feral escapees, Ohio officials are considering regulations on exotic and wild pets. Former Governor Ted Strickland issued an executive order banning their keeping before leaving office in January, though it expired under Governor John Kasich.


Strickland’s executive order banning exotic and wild animals as pets was in effect for 90 days beginning in January, said Pacelle, the Humane Society official. He said Strickland, a Democrat, issued the order in late 2010 and that Kasich, a Republican, is reviewing its reinstatement.

Yeah, Kasich is “reviewing its reinstatement” now that the state and the country (and the world) is horrified by what happened but prior to this week’s events, wingnut Kasich was operating under the government-regulations-are evil mantra, and here we are.  48 animals are dead after living who knows what kind of life cooped up in cages.

Photo: DetNews.com

Those animals never should have been where they were but hey, regulations, smegulations.  The only thing that matters to the Kasiches of the world is, again, that we apparently are all free to do whatever the hell we want, no matter the consequences.  It’s a free for all!




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