Alabama Deli Owner Who Defended Latinos Gets Huge Outpouring of Support

October 24, 2011 at 3:31 PM Leave a comment

Hey, here’s some more good news:

Last week HuffPost told the story of Steve Dubrinsky, a Birmingham deli owner who was pilloried by strangers for defending his Latino workforce in an interview with the Birmingham News. Dubrinsky had told the paper that even documented Latinos were scared of Alabama’s sweeping new immigration enforcement law, and that many legal workers would end up leaving the state because they no longer felt comfortable there.

Outraged by Dubrinsky’s support of immigrants, strangers flooded his inbox with threats to boycott his restaurant, Max’s Delicatessen. Typical of the missives Dubrinsky received: “I hope your unamerican establishment closes down!!!!” His restaurant suddenly received dozens of negative one-star reviews on Google, mostly from anonymous first-time posters.

But since late last week, Dubrinsky has witnessed an outpouring of support from a different set of strangers. After reading of Dubrinsky’s plight, opponents of the new law have rallied around his deli, leading to one the busiest stretches at the restaurant that Dubrinsky can recall. He tells HuffPost that new diners have been driving from up to forty miles outside the city just to try his reuben and thank him for standing up for Latino workers.

“I’ve shaken more hands in the last two days than in the previous two years. It’s been amazing,” Dubrinsky said. “The restaurant has been pretty darn busy.”


Another reader from Georgia told HuffPost that she and a group of friends were putting together a caravan to travel to Max’s from Atlanta just for lunch.


The corporate media won’t cover this, of course, but I’ve got to say, it’s so nice to see the other side pushing back.  The anti-Latino crowd has gotten too much attention for too long.  Far as the media would have us believe, the anti-Latino crowd is the only crowd there is.



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