“Liberal Media” Dismisses Keystone XL Protest at the White House

November 7, 2011 at 9:44 AM Leave a comment

UPDATED @ 1:07 p.m. ET

You may have heard that approximately 10,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C. yesterday and formed a human chain around the White House in an effort to convince President Obama to block the Keystone XL pipeline project.  Then again, you may not have heard about that because despite the fact that this was a major demonstration, the “liberal media” is blowing it off.

This morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. ET I monitored both CNN and MSNBC — those bastions of the “liberal media” — for 30 minutes to see if they covered this event.  Shamefully, neither of them did.

This is what CNN covered during those 30 minutes:  The Penn State coaching “crisis;” the transfer of power in Greece; the stability of Italy’s economy; the Conrad Murray trial; back to Penn State; earthquakes in Oklahoma; US stock futures; Bank Transfer Day; Barnes & Noble introducing a new e-reader; Robert De Niro playing Bernie Madoff in a new movie and the introduction of casino gambling in NYC.  For a minute there I thought I was watching TMZ.

MSNBC spent the first nine minutes, yes, nine minutes, on Herman Cain, then they moved to the “most qualified” GOP presidential candidate (Newt) and then to the Super Committee.

I know it’s been said many times before, but imagine if 10,000 Tea Partiers formed a human chain  and surrounded the White House.  It would have been covered live for one, and for two, news of the action would have been the headline every hour (and possibly every half-hour) for at least the following 24 hours.

So shame on the media for not giving this event the importance it deserves and hey, the next time someone whines that the media is “liberal,” particularly CNN and MSNBC, respond with a good ol’ knee-slappin’ belly laugh.

UPDATE:  Here’s more. Listen to the wingers and they’ll tell you the Washington Post is part of the “liberal media” too.  (I hope you catch the sarcasm about the Tea Party.)



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