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Think back to when you were 12-years-old and imagine (or maybe you don’t have to imagine) that you kissed a boy or girl on the school playground.  A teacher saw you, reported the incident to the assistant principal and the assistant principal called the Department of Children and Families and then she called the f**king sheriff’s department because she saw shades of a possible “sex crime!”

Two 12-year-olds faced a police investigation for a sex crime after being caught kissing at school.


The incident took place at Orange River Elementary School in Fort Myers, Florida.

According to local reports two girls who had a crush on a boy were talking about which of them liked him the most.

One of the girls approached the boy and briefly kissed him.

A teacher on duty noticed the kiss and reported it to the assistant principal Margaret Ann Haring.

She said it was a ‘possible sex crime’ and called social workers at the Florida Department of Children and Families [DCF].

They told her to report the matter to the Lee County Sheriff’s office who responded by sending deputies to the school.


Fortunately, the Sheriff’s Department didn’t take any action but there is “ongoing involvement with the DCF.”

For God’s sake America, calm the hell down!


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