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Joe the Plumber for Congress in 2012!

Don’t forget: Joe the Plumber is running for congress:

If the attention a candidate gets from from the media is any indication, ol’ Joe must be doing ah, really well:






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Work Until You’re 90 — It’s Fun!

The ABC Evening News w/Diane Sawyer just aired a piece about how great it is to work until you’re in your 90’s.  The segment featured a 90-year-old hairdresser who’s still going strong and yes, she seemed perfectly happy.

Kudos to her but I can’t help but wonder what the point was.  If I know the “liberal media” like I think I do, what I just saw was an opening salvo in a campaign designed to convince already-exhausted Americans that hey, if the corporatocracy takes away your Social Security, any pensions you might have, your health benefits, your accrued vacation time, etc., life’s a beach but you’re just too spoiled to notice how great it is.  And if you don’t like it, strap your boots on, put a smile on your face and work into your 90’s, and if you complain or physically can’t do that, there’s something wrong with you, not with the system.

Photo: AP

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Oh, Puhleez

This would be our Tweet of the Day:

I can’t stand John King and sadly, I can’t stand CNN anymore.  Liberal media my yas.  They’re Fox News wannabees.

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Savor the Moment

It’s break time!

I could learn a thing or two from Casper here about savoring every single moment:



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Cain Launches “Women for Cain” Website Featuring Fake Supporters

This morning the Cain campaign launched a subsection of its website devoted to: “Women for Cain.”  This is what the homepage looked like then:

See those four happy, young women?  Think they’re rooting for Herman?  Wait, before you answer, go HERE.

Oops.  You’re busted!  This is what the homepage looks like now:


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Will Republicans Be Grinches Who Steal Christmas and Destroy Jobs?

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Jon Huntsman Won’t Participate in Trump-Moderated Republican “Debate”

You probably heard that Donald Trump will moderate a Newsmax-sponsored GOP presidential debate in Iowa on December 27  (six days before the caucuses).  Donald Trump as moderator?  The deranged Newsmax as sponsor?  And they’re calling it a “debate?”  I don’t think so.  Let’s get real and call it a loon-fest.

Anyway, Jon Huntsman thinks the notion that this will be a “debate” is pretty funny too.  This is what his campaign had to say today about whether or not he would participate:

Lol. We look forward to watching Mitt and Newt suck-up to The Donald with a big bowl of popcorn.

Katie bar the door!  This is a campaign for President of the United States of America for God’s sake, not a reality show…or am I wrong about that?

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