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Fox’s War on Christmas

Check out this headline at

Read the article here but the point is, yo Fox, what’s with using the word “holiday?”

It’s called



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Repression 8.0

This would our Tweet of the Day.  Can’t say things are getting better around here.  (Hope?  Change?)  As a matter of fact, in some cases, they’re worse than ever:




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Denver Police Trash Occupy Protesters in Emails

A slew of “car-to-car” emails exchanged by members of the Denver Police Department about Occupy Denver protesters have surfaced.  “Denver Police spokesman Lieutenant Matt Murray concedes that some of them are unprofessional.”

Ya think?

(Image via.)

There was this, “text message sent by an unidentified officer from a squad car that read in part, “A few of us set up a Twitter account to harass the ‘Occupy Denver’ people.”

And this, showing an utter lack of understanding of what the Occupy movement is all about:

“They’re supporting the same BS protests that are going on on Wall Street. The typical ‘Tax the Rich’ ‘Eff the Cops’ anarchist crap.”

“Denver protesters are too pathetic for us to have anything like that.”

“lol, that might not be a bad thing… at least we aren’t in the media ;) — for now that is.”

“If you think about it, large scale protests are a good way to waste city money and possibly cripple the system.”

And this:

“I bet if you guys dropped a box of skunks in the middle of the… they would probably scatter real quick.”

Another set of messages refers to the protesters as “stupid” and “retards.”

Here’s a log of all the texts that have been released.

So, good to know the DPD is so respectful of our first amendment rights, huh?


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Rick Perry’s Idea of Being “Strong”

Take a look at this Rick Perry ad titled, “Strong:”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian.  But you don’t have to be in the pew every Sunday to know that there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school. As president, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion and I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage.

Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again.

I’m Rick Perry and I approved this message.

Wow!  Now that’s strength.

What about jobs Rickie?   Anything to say about health care?  The price of food?

Back in the day when things were going pretty well around here, candidates could get away with the God, guns and gays platform.  I’m hoping we’ve moved on to more important issues this time around and hateful ads like this will fall flat and be seen as irrelevant to what matters most to people.

Oh, and give me one — ONE — example of this war on religion Obama’s allegedly waging.

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8-Year-Old Boy Tells Michele Bachmann His Mommy is Gay

Michele Bachmann has no freakin’ idea what to do with this:

Video of Michele Bachmann trying to get her photo op in with my 8 year old son. It’s hard to hear but he leans in and tells her that his mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing. GO ELIJAH! Love that look of shock she gets.
We were there for an Occupy Myrtle Beach event to mic check Michele Bachmann on another issue. The lgbt issue came up separately.


Geez.  Couldn’t Bachmann have said something like, “Thanks for coming Elijah?”  I mean, come on.


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Ad Layout of the Day

From the Wall Street Journal.  Oops!


Don’t get it?  Go here.


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TIME: Occupy Wall Street Protests #1 News Story in the US 2011

This is out from TIME magazine today:

On Sept. 17, a couple hundred protesters demonstrating against the excesses of corporate execs and the pervasive influence of high finance in U.S. politics set up camp in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and refused to leave. It was an unlikely occupation, one without leaders, agendas or even a clear sense of goals, but it soon was echoed in myriad cities across the U.S. and the world. To some, Occupy Wall Street is the left-wing iteration of the Tea Party, directing their rage not at big government but at the big banks that gutted the world economy and took billions in bailouts from the U.S. government while awarding themselves hefty bonuses.


I’m actually pretty cynical about this.  While I agree with TIME‘s choice, I think this designation is a way for TIME to avoid naming the 99% their “person of the year.”

Less than a month ago TIME posted and opened voting on the nominee. See a screenshot of the list as of November 12 here.  The 99% was winning by a landslide.

Here is the list as of today:

The 99% has been removed as an option.

Oh, and P.S.:  I can’t wait to see what happens here.  Look at the votes Julian Assange is getting.  Can you imagine TIME naming him their Person of the Year?  Me neither.

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