Denver Police Trash Occupy Protesters in Emails

December 7, 2011 at 6:49 PM Leave a comment

A slew of “car-to-car” emails exchanged by members of the Denver Police Department about Occupy Denver protesters have surfaced.  “Denver Police spokesman Lieutenant Matt Murray concedes that some of them are unprofessional.”

Ya think?

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There was this, “text message sent by an unidentified officer from a squad car that read in part, “A few of us set up a Twitter account to harass the ‘Occupy Denver’ people.”

And this, showing an utter lack of understanding of what the Occupy movement is all about:

“They’re supporting the same BS protests that are going on on Wall Street. The typical ‘Tax the Rich’ ‘Eff the Cops’ anarchist crap.”

“Denver protesters are too pathetic for us to have anything like that.”

“lol, that might not be a bad thing… at least we aren’t in the media ;) — for now that is.”

“If you think about it, large scale protests are a good way to waste city money and possibly cripple the system.”

And this:

“I bet if you guys dropped a box of skunks in the middle of the… they would probably scatter real quick.”

Another set of messages refers to the protesters as “stupid” and “retards.”

Here’s a log of all the texts that have been released.

So, good to know the DPD is so respectful of our first amendment rights, huh?



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