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Grover Norquist (R) Hopes to Crush the Renewable Energy Movement

Here’s a heads up regarding Grover Norquist’s new project.  (Was I asleep when he was elected president of everything?)

Rethink Renewable Energy Mandates

Sorry for the lack of a snipet.  I’ve had it up to here with dictators today.

Read his craziness at the link above.  He thinks building wind turbines and installing solar energy panels on homes across the country will kill jobs.

Ugh.  There are no words…

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Hey North Korea, Good Luck With That

This would be my Tweet of the Day:

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Break Time!

A sight for sore eyes.

I think this is exquisite:

(Via flickr user:  Lida Rose.)


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14,000 Americans Dead Due to Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Reactor Meltdown?


(Image via.)


WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 19, 2011 —  An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services.   This is the first peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal documenting the health hazards of Fukushima.

Authors  Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman note that their estimate of 14,000 excess U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks after the Fukushima meltdowns is comparable to the 16,500 excess deaths in the 17 weeks after the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986.  The rise in reported deaths after Fukushima was largest among U.S. infants under age one.  The 2010-2011 increase for infant deaths in the spring was 1.8 percent, compared to a decrease of 8.37 percent in the preceding 14 weeks.

The IJHS article will be published Tuesday and will be available online as of 11 a.m. EST at


I’ll follow up tomorrow with the article.

FYI — here are my previous posts about radiation from Fukushima traveling around the world.

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Fox News: The President Obama Hates Christmas, and So Do We

Insofar as President Obama is the president of all of us, and all of us aren’t Christians, it seems perfectly appropriate to me that the official White House “holiday card” (Fox’s words, not mine) would look like this:

I guess, per Fox — which is ranting again/still about the alleged war on Christmas (see below) — the card should depict, oh, I don’t know, a cross?  A manger?  Or, at the very least, it should say MERRY CHRISTMAS inside, which it doesn’t.  (Still, gosh golly gee, is there any freaking doubt which holiday the card is meant to celebrate for God’s sake?)

Anyway, check out the article about the card.  Note how many time the author uses the word holiday instead of Christmas (my emphasis):

The official White House holiday card makes no mention of the word ‘Christmas’ and instead focused on Bo the First Dog based on the wishes of the First Family.
“From our family to yours, may your holidays shine with the light of the season,” read the inside of the card, featuring the presidential seal.
The front of the card features Bo the First Dog lounging by a fireplace. Holiday greenery is draped over the fireplace mantle. Holiday presents are placed on a table underneath a poinsettia – instead of a Christmas tree.
So, yo Fox, whose waging a war against Christmas now?

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Romney Still Making Millions From Layoffs at Bain Capital

It was bad enough that from the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s Mitt Romney headed Bain Capital, which was in the business of buying companies and shrinking them (primarily via employee layoffs) to increase their profitability.  Now we learn that ol’ Mitt is still taking millions from that ruthless business:

Mitt Romney is still making millions of dollars from layoffs engineered by Bain Capital, the private equity firm he helped to start.

As revealed by the New York Times, Romney negotiated a backroom deal with Bain that gave the already wealthy former governor a share of Bain’s profits even after he left the firm.

One of the ways Bain makes its money is from buying up companies then shredding the jobs of many employees in a scheme designed to cut costs. Romney profited when Bain bought KB Toys and laid off thousands of employees.

The funds for one of Romney’s summer homes could have come from the money Bain made when they facilitated a deal that cut 2,500 jobs from radio broadcaster Clear Channel.


It’s a sign of how cohesive the corporate media’s reporting (or its lack thereof) is that Romney’s stint at Bain isn’t more widely known.  The reason for that, it seems to me, is that a man who bought companies and increased their profitability by laying people off would be a pariah amongst voters this year and the corporate media knows that.  The corporatocracy sees Romney (1) as one of their own and, (2) as the candidate most likely to have a chance against Obama, thus the kid gloves.

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Kim Jong-il Literally Kept His People in the Dark

North Korean premiere, Kim Jong-il literally kept his people in the dark.  (That would be North Korea outlined, below.)


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