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Mic Check — Matt Damon

Mic check.  Mic check!

This is a mic check regarding what Matt Damon said today on The Young Turks:

I’m there.  I. AM. SO.  THERE.

But let’s get off the balls thing.  Let’s talk about courage.

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Creating Jobs

So happy to see that Republicans are focused like a laser on creating jobs:


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Mitt Romney Was for the Invasion of Iraq Before He Was Against It

This is big:  Apparently there is no issue Mitt Romney is unwilling to flip-flop on (this would be our headline of the day):

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd today, Mitt Romney asserts that “of course” invading Iraq was a bad idea now that we know Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. (“If we knew at the time of our entry into Iraq that there were no weapons of mass destruction, if somehow we had been given that information, obviously we would not have gone in.”) Four years ago, Romney said just the opposite. (“It was the right decision to go into Iraq. I supported it at the time; I support it now.”)


Mitt Romney doesn’t have an ounce of courage.  (Check out this article at titled:  Courage in High Places in Short Supply — Avoiding Strong Stands and Pandering to Your Political Base is In.)


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Seven Occupy Protesters in Texas Charged with a FELONY

Geez.  The more I hear about Texas, the more I never want to go there:

Seven Occupy protesters were indicted on felony charges by a grand jury in Houston on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office says, in connection with their demonstration at the local port as part of a national day of action by the movement.

The decision comes nearly a week after a judge initially dismissed the charges, saying the protesters could not be charged with possessing or using a “criminal instrument” – a felony in Texas – for their use of PVC pipe.

The protesters — three from Austin, four from Houston — put their arms through the pipe and used latches on it to connect together, making their arrest more difficult but not preventing it, said one of their attorneys, Daphne Silverman, of the National Lawyer’s Guild in Houston. Donna Hawkins, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office, confirmed the indictment.

“They are feeling, ‘wow,’ is the word. … They’re in a lot of shock. They were very happy with the justice’s decision last week, they believed in her, they believed in the justice system,” Silverman said. “These people … are not criminals. These folks are out there attempting to make the country better for all of us.”


The protesters had joined with other Occupy outfits across the country that were conducting port shutdowns on Dec. 12 to economically disrupt what they called “Wall Street on the waterfront.”

Arrests on felony arrests were occurring in other cities, such as Denver and New York. Civil rights lawyers have suggested the use of felony charges was another form of crackdown on the movement.

The Houston Police Department has used the “criminal instrument” against protesters on previous occasions, according to Attorney Randall Kallinen, who is representing one of the seven protesters. The charge usually does not hold up in court in such cases, but because it is a felony charge it has a chilling effect on would-be activists, he said.


So they’re charging Occupy protesters with felonies for linking together with PVC pipe –it would be funny if it weren’t so serious — and now they face up to two years in prison.  Last I looked, not one of the banksters who brought down the world’s economy have even been charged with so much as a misdemeanor.  Gosh.  Don’t you just love how “justice” is dispensed in the good ol’ US of A?  And isn’t it interesting the way the judicial system seems to be working to intimidate the Occupy movement on behalf of the corporatocracy?

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100-Year-Old Letter to Santa Found in Irish Chimney

Ok, it’s break time folks and in keeping with the season, we have this:

Photo: Eric Luke

IT MAY have been slightly scorched over the years but a letter to Santa written 100 years ago, which was later discovered in a Dublin fireplace, has the magic of Christmas written all over it.

On Christmas Eve 1911, a brother and sister, who signed their names, “A or H Howard”, penned their personally designed letter to Santa with their requests for gifts and a good luck message at their home in Oaklands Terrace, Terenure (or Terurnure, as the children spelled it) in Dublin.

They placed it in the chimney of the fireplace in the front bedroom so that Santa would see it as he made his way into the Howard household in the early hours of the morning.

The letter was discovered by the house’s current occupant, John Byrne, when he was installing central heating in 1992.

Since then, he has retained it as a souvenir of another time and place but with the stamp of childhood innocence which still exists today.

The message to Santa was warm but explicit.

“I want a baby doll and a waterproof with a hood and a pair of gloves and a toffee apple and a gold penny and a silver sixpence and a long toffee.”

“At that time, the fireplaces were made of brick with a shelf on either side,” said John Byrne who works in the building industry.

“The letter was found on one of the shelves.”

Such simple desires compared to what kids want these days.  And I love the “Good Luck!”

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Rommey: Abolish All Restrictions on Campaign Contributions

This is NBC’s Chuck Todd interviewing Mitt Romney today in New Hampshire.  Mitt appears to be in favor of abolishing any and all restrictions on campaign contributions:

Todd:  Do you think Citizens United was a bad decision?

Romney:  Ah, which is this?

Todd:  The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court…

Romney:  Oh.

Todd:  Which essentially created this landscape.

Romney:  I think the Supreme Court’s decision was following their interpretation of the, of the, ah, campaign finance laws that were written by congress.  My own view is that now we’ve tried a lot of efforts to try and restrict what can be given to campaigns.  It would be a lot wiser to say, you can give what you like to a campaign, they must report it immediately, and the creation of these independent expenditure committees that have to be separate from the candidate — that’s just a bad idea.

So, if anyone can give any amount, that means the rich will have even more influence on elections than they already do, because, obviously they can give more.  Now, individuals can only give $2,500 and that’s because we don’t want any one person to be able to buy a candidate.  But Romney seems to think that would be just fine, thank you very much.

Romney is a 1%er and apparently he wants them to control things around here more than they already do, the poor persecuted babies.

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Rick Santorum: “I Have No Problem With Income Inequality”

This would be Rick Santorum (R) yesterday in Pella, Iowa:

“The reason you see some sympathy among the American public for them is the grave concern — and it’s a legitimate one — that blue-collar workers, lower-income workers, are having a harder and harder time rising,” the former Pennsylvania senator said at a presidential campaign stop. “They talk about income inequality. I’m for income inequality. I think some people should make more than other people, because some people work harder and have better ideas and take more risk, and they should be rewarded for it. I have no problem with income inequality.

“President Obama is for income equality. That’s socialism. It’s worse yet, it’s Marxism,” Santorum said. “I’m not for income equality. I’m not for equality of result — I’m for equality of opportunity.”


Yo, Ricky:  Nobody is saying that everyone should have the exact same income and you know it.  People are pissed that there is such a humongus difference in the amount people do make, and you know that too.  It’s charts like this that burn people up:


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