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Favorite Things

I’m thinking about my favorite things.

This is one of them:  The best dog ever:  4-year-old Mr. Albert:

My thoughts are with all the dogs I’ve had in my life:  Pippy, Sir Stafford of Flagstaff, Trash, O’Douglas, Isis, O’Douglas II, Julia Sweet Blue Child and Miss Tillie O’Joy (who’s still with us).

I love you all and I always will.

But as for Al, there’s something about him — the soulfulness in his eyes and the energy in his warm, waggy, always-happy self — that touches me like no other dog has.

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Unwanted Gift? Don’t Do This

Mr. SayItAin’tSoAlready is a retired USPS Letter Carrier so let me say off the top, I have nothing against Letter Carriers.

That said, we gave our “regular” Letter Carrier (the person who delivers five days a week) a box of chocolates to thank her for her great service this year.

Yesterday Mr. SayItAin’tSoAlready happened to be in the front yard, returning a shopping bag to the car, when she came by.  She merrily told Mr. SayItAin’tSoAlready thanks for the chocolates but she was so sick of cookies and sweets that she gave them to her “T-6” — the guy who fills in for her on her day off.

Really?  REALLY?

That’s more than we want to know.

If you get a gift you don’t want, don’t tell the person who gave it to you that you “re-gifted” it.

Geezus.  Rude and tacky beyond belief.


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12 Days of Giving

This is my new favorite video:


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Mitt Romney’s Father: No Exec Needs to Make More Than $1.4 Million Per Year

My, how times have changed.

Here is Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, in 1960 when he was the CEO of American Motors:

“George Romney, on the other hand, voluntarily turned down $268,000 in pay over five years when he was chief executive, which was equal to about 20 percent of his total pay during that time. In 1960, for example, he refused a $100,000 bonus. Mr. Romney had previously told the company’s board that no executive needed to make more than $225,000 a year (about $1.4 million in today’s dollars), a spokesman for American Motors explained at the time, and the bonus would have put him above that threshold.”


$1.4 million huh?  The highest paid CEO in the United States today is John H. Hammergren, who heads McKesson.  In 2010, he raked in $145.3 million.



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China Jails Human Rights Campaigner Who Called it a Dictatorship

China just confirmed to the world that the human rights campaigner who called it a dictatorship was right:

A Sichuan Province court sentenced one of China’s most prominent human rights campaigners to nine years in prison on Friday for writing essays that called the nation’s Communist Party a dictatorship and an “enemy of democracy.”

Bingo.  Way to go China.


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