How We Got Into Iraq — One Lie After Another

January 1, 2012 at 3:10 PM Leave a comment

The good folks over at Mother Jones have put together a timeline of the events leading up to the invasion of Iraq — from August, 1992 through March, 2003.

I found it rather upsetting to be reminded of the lies and deceit but it is interesting nonetheless.  How we got there and the web our Dear Leaders wove in order to convince us an invasion was necessary is something we should never forget, lest it happen again.

For example, this is the second to last entry, dated March 18, 2003:

Washington Post article headlined “Bush Clings to Dubious Allegations About Iraq” notes, “As the Bush administration prepares to attack Iraq this week, it is doing so on the basis of a number of allegations against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein that have been challenged—and in some cases disproved—by the United Nations, European governments and even U.S. intelligence reports.” Story is buried on Page A13.

Makes my heart ache.

Baghdad -- March 19, 2003

Anyway, here it is if you’re interested.

(Photo via.)

Oh, and P.S. — Al Jazeera has a post up (video) titled:  US Post-Iraq Legacy:  The War is Finally Declared Over After Nine Years , but What are the Experiences and Lessons Learned by US Soldiers.  I haven’t watched it yet but here’s a link, FYI.


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