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Do You Make $565 an Hour?

Who’s budget is this?

Here’s the lowdown:

— makes an average of $95,000 a month
— Her expenses average $22,550 a month
— She has 3 credit cards … AmEx, Visa and Mastercard, all of which have a 0 balance.
— She has $1,578,000 in the bank
— Has an additional $1,645,000 in stocks, bonds, etc.
— Has real and personal property valued at $693,300

As for what she spends a month, she says she drops $1,000 on groceries and household supplies, $500 eating out (really?), $800 on utilities, $300 for her various phones and email accounts, $600 in laundry and cleaning, $2,000 for clothes.

She also donates $1,500 a month to charity.

Imagine making $565 an hour or $95,000 a month:

This woman 31-year-old woman does:

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Ah, No

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Hey, Let’s Turn on Each Other!

Who is the target of this ad?  The struggling landlord or the struggling tenant?  In the end, I guess they want us to turn on each other:


Kick’em Out Quick® Evictions & Collections saves Landlords Time, Money and Effort by offering a “One Stop Shop” for all their Tenant Eviction and Tenant Collection needs. We will connect you with a Kick’em Out Quick® Member Eviction Attorney in your area that will evict your Non-Paying or Nuisance Tenant(s) just as quickly as the law allows. After your eviction is complete our collection partner, Express Recovery Services, Inc. will aggressively pursue your ex-tenant for the money that they now owe you.

Watch the Kick’em Out Quick video here.  (Love the ® after the title. Kicking people out quick is trademarked.  You go America!)


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Gingrich Says the Founding Fathers Would Have Opposed Marijuana Growers — Even Though They Grew It

Newt Gingrich was a history professor in his past life?  Really?

Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that the founders of the United States would have dealt violently with marijuana growers, despite the fact that they grew the plant for commercial purposes themselves.


More here about how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on their plantations.

I’ll say it again:




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About Obama’s Recess Appointments

Bear this in mind as you listen to the Republicans screaming about the recess appointments President Obama made today (here):

Overall, Obama has been significantly less aggressive in recess appointments than his predecessors — to date, he’s made just 29 such appointments, compared with 171 for George W. Bush and 139 for Bill Clinton.


The outrage is an act.  The Republicans think we’re so dumb we’ll fall for it and of course, the “liberal media” doesn’t fill in the blanks with the simple facts above, so we do.

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Polar Bear Pelts Selling for $11,000

Oh geeze, I wish I hadn’t seen this.  It’s enough to send me to bed in a fit of depression:

Northwest Territories, Jan. 4 (UPI) — Canada’s Northwest Territories has quadrupled the price it pays hunters for pelts of near-endangered polar bears, the National Post reported Wednesday.

The territory runs the only authorized retail source for the pelts, Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs, which previously paid $400 per bearskin.

That has been upped to $1,750, which University of Alberta biologist Andrew Derocher told the Post reflected growing global demand from burgeoning economies in Russia and China.

In April, a Canadian auction company sold a polar bear pelt for a record $11,000, the report said.

Various international animal and scientific groups have designated polar bears as a vulnerable species, one step short of being classed as endangered as their pack ice habitat is shrinking.

Only indigenous Inuit hunters are allowed to kill the bears, although various regional laws throughout Canada’s north allow Inuits to “guide” visiting hunters.

This is just terrible news.  Polar bears are already endangered.  I have a feeling this will do them in altogether.

Can you imagine wearing a coat or jacket made of the skin (pelt is too benign a word) of a polar bear?

Really.  This is so upsetting.

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More on Obama Being Bad for Business

Dunkin’ Donuts to double U.S. locations

America is about to run on twice as much Dunkin’.

Dunkin’ Donuts plans to double its locations in the United States over the next 20 years, the company announced Wednesday.

The coffee and doughnut chain currently operates nearly 7,000 stores nationwide. Each new store adds an average of 20 to 25 new employees, both full and part-time a Dunkin spokeswoman said.

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