NBC’s David Gregory Wants Americans to “Feel Pain”

January 8, 2012 at 11:33 AM Leave a comment

I’m coming down from watching this morning’s GOP presidential “debate” on NBC/MSNBC, hosted by the elitist 1%er, David Gregory.  During the first 15-minutes, Gregory seemed obsessed with hearing what the candidates would cut (as in Medicare and Social Security), repeatedly asking both Santorum and Huntsman what cuts they would make that “will make Americans feel pain,” and then, “What do Americans have to learn to live with less of?”

Seems to me we Americans are already feeling pain due to the games the banksters and the corporate elite played with our economy.  The people who should feel “pain” and do the time are the people who committed the crime.  Then again, I don’t suppose we can expect that perspective from Mr. Inside-the-Beltway Gregory, a guy who’s married to a lawyer whose expertise is defending white collar criminals…like banksters.

UPDATE:  An hour after putting up this post, I come across this:

Bonus battles: Disgruntled bankers threaten to sue or walk

Wall Street bankers are fuming about the prospect of paltry payouts come bonus time — and plan to go nuclear.

They’re taking their cues from their disgruntled brethren in London, who are eyeing lawsuits to regain their over-the-top pay. Here at Jefferies Group, a group of brokerage executives reportedly threatened management that they would walk away from the firm if their year-end compensation was not up to par with The Street.

This hubris is just the beginning of much more to come as the downtrodden banking industry gets ready to dole out the most meager bonuses since the 2008 financial crisis.

Let’s talk about these guys feelin’ some pain David.


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