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Pedophiles Investigating Pedophiles

You know, sometimes you just want to take your head off, put it in a box and set it on a shelf in a dark and quiet closet:

Catholic Church’s Pedophile Investigator Jailed for Kiddie Porn

A Catholic Church child safety co-ordinator who was in charge of investigating sexual abuse allegations was jailed for 12 months today for internet peadophile offences.
Christopher Jarvis, 49, a married father-of-four, investigated historic claims of child abuse, interviewing the victims when they were adults.




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Colorado Says No to Xcel Energy!

Wow, this is great news.  For once the Colorado Public Utilities Commission shows some balls.  I think this is the first time they’ve ever said no to Xcel:

Colorado regulators have denied Xcel Energy.’s request for a $100 million interim electricity-rate hike while regulators review its request for a $141.9 million increase, which would raise the average residential monthly electric bill by about 6 percent.

Xcel in November requested a $141.9 million increase, starting Dec. 23. But since it could be summer before there’s a decision on the request, Xcel asked for the interim hike. The Public Utilities Commission rejected the request Wednesday, saying the company failed to show it would be adversely impacted by maintaining current rates while the commission reviews the $141.9 million request.


Can you imagine?  Xcel asked for a rate increase but they didn’t want to wait for the process to play itself out via the Public Utilities Commission, so they asked the Commission to approve an interim hike while it mulled the permanent one.

Geezus.  Are these guys coddled or what?


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Romney: “Make a profit…that’s the name of the game, right?”

Here is the full 28-minute video we’ve been hearing about — When Mitt Romney Came to Town — produced by the pro-Gingrich Super-PAC, Winning Our Future.

Watch it before the Republicans decide they’re going to rally around Romney and it’s taken down.  Again, here it is.

Here are a few choice quotes:

Romney and Bain’s profits, at the expense of 15,000 jobs, was described by the Boston Herald as, ‘disgusting.’

It was called The Bain Way.  Romney’s Bain Capital almost always managing to turn the misfortunes of others into their own enormous financial gains.

And I couldn’t resist including this screenshot.

Phleez.  And no Mitt, I’m not jealous.


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Calling Buddy Roemer

Do you know who Buddy Roemer is?

He’s a former Republican governor of Louisiana and he’s running for the GOP nomination for president.  Here is his campaign website.

Anyway, I’ve heard him interviewed several times and one of his (very valid) chief complaints is that he doesn’t have much of a chance in the primaries because media outlets have all kinds of rules as to who they allow to participate in their debates (giving the media waaaaaay too much control over the election process, imho) and he can’t meet them.

But hey, it looks like CNN at least has decided to set those rules aside and to let Rick Perry participate in its next debate on January 19, even though he doesn’t meet their previously-stated criteria either:

CNN now says that Rick Perry is being invited to their debate in South Carolina on January 19, two days before the big primary in which he hopes to make his last stand. This despite the fact that he has not met any of the requirements for participation that CNN made public last week.

“Yes, Gov. Perry will be invited to next week’s CNN debate,” said Edie Emery, director of public relations for Turner Broadcasting Systems, in an e-mail to TPM. “He has met the criteria.”

A follow-up e-mail to Emery, asking which criteria Perry has met, was not immediately returned.

According to CNN’s criteria for inclusion, a candidate must get at least 4th place in either Iowa or New Hampshire, or get 7% support in at least three national Republican or three South Carolina primary polls released in January. The requirements were posted online last Tuesday afternoon, several hours before before the Iowa caucuses began later that night.

Perry came in fifth place in Iowa, and sixth in New Hampshire.


So, if the rules don’t apply to Perry, why do they apply to Roemer?  (CNN is letting Perry in because, in the end, they see this as being about entertainment and ratings (not about informing voters) and Perry will help in those areas.  You know, if he makes another “Oops” gaffe, it’ll be good for a laugh, but who has ever heard of Buddy Roemer?)

I hope Roemer makes an issue out of this.

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The Embedded Hypocrisy of the “Pro-Life” Movement

This would be our Tweet of the Day:

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Mitt Romney is Rush Limbaugh’s Boss

UPDATED Below @8:07 p.m. ET

The next time you hear Rush Limbaugh defend (or promote) Mitt Romney, remember this:

Talk radio king Rush Limbaugh has emerged as a key defender of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, where — his Republican and Democratic critics charge — layoffs at companies Bain owned should be blamed on Romney.

But Limbaugh hasn’t mentioned his own tie to the venture capital firm: Bain owns Clear Channel Communications, whose subsidiary inked a $400 million, eight-year syndication deal with Limbaugh in 2008.


Ultimately, Mitt Romney is Rush Limbaugh’s boss so of course Limbaugh is going to kiss his a**.

I wonder if Limbaugh will disclose this ah, huge conflict of interest.  Nah.


Ed Schultz mentioned NBC’s connection (I swear, 100 people own everything) to Bain Capital tonight (quickly, I might add):

Starting on last night’s Ed Show with Ed Schultz, MSNBC anchors are now disclosing their parent company’s ties to Bain Capital, the buyout firm co-founded by Mitt Romney.

In July 2008, NBC Universal, Bain Capital and Blackstone Group bought the Weather Channel for an estimated $3.5 billion.


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Mitt Romney’s Greatest Hits

Here’s a new ad released today by the Gingrich campaign.  It does a pretty good job of nailing Mitt’s greatest hits (to date, that is):

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