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It’s No Wonder the United States is Imploding

A quickie here as a follow up to the posts I’ve put up about “American exceptionalism” of late:

Let’s burn this image into our brains.   Is it any wonder our society is collapsing from within (see link above) given it spends so much money on the military relative to the rest of the world?

We’re letting everything else go  — bridges, schools, housing, medical care — but hey, we can bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!

Oh, on that note:

Iran’s is not a big enough proportion of world arms spending to show up on this graph, which doesn’t show countries that are lower than 2% of the global total.

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Sen. Ralph Shortey: Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internets

Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey (R) did “some research” on the Internets and this is what he came up with:

Photo: Ralph Shortey, Facebook

Oklahoma GOPer Proposes Bill To Outlaw ‘Aborted Human Fetuses’ In Food

An Oklahoma Republican is pushing a bill to outlaw the use of human fetuses in food, because, as he says, “there is a potential that there are companies that are using aborted human babies in their research and development of basically enhancing flavor for artificial flavors.”

State Sen. Ralph Shortey introduced a bill on Tuesday “prohibiting the sale or manufacture of food or products which contain aborted human fetuses.”

Though he has allowed that he is not aware of this occurring in Oklahoma, or anywhere for that matter, Shortey cited research he did on the internet that claimed that some companies use embryonic stem cells to help develop artificial flavoring.

So, Shortey was Googling “fetuses in food?”  Okaaay.

Vote Republican!


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Vera Wang: Tell Me This Isn’t Photoshopped

This is the dress designer Vera Wang — aged 62 — in a spread appearing in the latest issue of Bazaar magazine:

Look at her knees.  Look at her chest and neck area.  No way this isn’t photoshopped.

(Larger version (though not much) here.)

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A Paramount Question Behind Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Yo, Mitt, answer this, our Tweet of the Day:

Gosh, I wonder if the “liberal media” will ever ask Mitt this question (and sit on him until he answers).



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American Exceptionalism is a Thing of the Past

On Monday I posted about how the good ol’ USA! USA! USA! is number one…number one in teen pregnancies that is.

Today we have more sad evidence that the idea of American exceptionalism is something we should probably put on a shelf somewhere until we get our act together.

This is not for the faint of heart.

First (bear with me), this is the mission statement of Equality Trust:

Compelling new evidence shows that large income inequalities within society damage the social and the quality of life for everyone.  The Equality Trust campaigns to gain the widest public and political understanding of the harm caused by inequality.

The Equality Trust has released 10 graphs that reflect specific types on income inequality in the developed nations, but the folks over at The Society have consolidated the graphs into an easier-to-read format.

That said you can view the graphs at either sight.  They all show — all of them —  that due to the dramatic income inequality in the United States (put simply, the 99% versus the 1%), the US leads the pack amongst the developed world in these areas:

Societies with more income inequality have higher infant death rates than other societies

Societies with more income inequality have higher rates of mental illness than other societies

Societies with more income inequality have a higher incidence of drug use than other societies

Societies with more income inequality have a higher high school drop out rate than other societies

Societies with more income inequality imprison a larger proportion of their population than other societies

Societies with more income inequality have a higher rate of obesity than other societies

Individuals in societies with more income inequality are less likely to be in a different class of than [sic] their parents compared to other societies

Societies with more income inequality have higher rates of homicide than other societies

Societies with more income inequality give less in foreign aid than other societies

Children in societies with more income inequality do less well than children in other societies

Again, check out the graphs.  We are in a world of hurt folks.

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Regarding Romney’s “Projected” 2011 Tax Liability

Thom Hartmann made a good point today on his radio show about the 2011 income tax “projections” Mitt Romney released yesterday.

It was that the “projections” can basically say anything. A “projection” isn’t a binding document and it isn’t something that is filed with the IRS.

Again, that’s good and important point and we should keep it in mind.  If Romney starts talking about any of the numbers in the “projections” we should let it go in one ear and out the other because until the actual 2011 return is filed with the IRS, the “projected” numbers are meaningless.  They could change dramatically once the accountants do the math.

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Countdown Clock Insanity

If you’re like me, you think one of the silliest things the cable news outlets do is put up those dorky countdown clocks when they’re promoting an event such as “Super Tuesday” or, in this case, a debate.  Well, CNN took that beyond silly and into the realm of the absurd this morning.

I was clicking around at roughly 8:10 a.m. ET and there, again, on CNN, was a countdown clock which read:  Presidential Debate:  35:49:08.  In other words, CNN was counting down to the Republican presidential debate they are hosting tomorrow night in Jacksonville, Florida.  Tomorrow night!

Ridiculous.  What’s next?  A countdown clock starting sometime in August for the November election?

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