Michael Steele Lies: Florida’s Primary is a “Grass Roots” Effort

January 30, 2012 at 8:09 PM Leave a comment

Former Republican party leader* Michael Steele was on Hardball w/Chris Matthews a few minutes ago.  He and Matthews were talking about — duh — tomorrow’s primary vote.   Good ol’ Michael was downright giddy, treating us like idots and trying to appeal (I guess) to the Tea Party/Occupy/populist vote:  “It’s all grass-roots that’s driving this; that’s what’s exciting to me.”
Really?  Grass-roots?  You call millions of dollars “grass-roots?”

Figures made available to The Associated Press showed Romney was spending $2.8 million to air television commercials in the final week of the Florida campaign. In addition, a group supporting him, Restore Our Future, was spending $4 million more, for a combined total of $6.8 million.

By contrast, Gingrich was spending about $700,000, and Winning Our Future, a group backing him, an additional $1.5 million. That was about one-third the amount for the pro-Romney tandem.

Only nine more months to go!

It isn’t like me to refer to the former head of the Grand Old Party (i.e., the GOP) as the “former Republican party leader.” But given that 50% of Republicans have no idea who the GOP is, I’m thinking it’s a good idea to refer to Republicans not as the GOP, but as Republicans.  I mean, if I have to hold their little hands so they’ll know what their party’s up to, I’ll do it.


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