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Egyptians — Still Fighting and Dying for Freedom

A year after the huge rallies in Tahrir Square, people in Egypt are still fighting and dying for freedom:

Photo: flickr: Mosa'aberising

Photo: flickr: Mosa'aberising

Photo: flickr: Mosa'aberising

Here is a slide show of what went down there today.


My thoughts are with them ♥.

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Did MSNBC Just Get Punked?

Did MSNBC just get punked?

Take a look at the images on this man’s T-shirt:



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Romney Wins Nevada

Let’s jump over the five, six or however-many hours the cables are going to feign doubt and say out loud what everyone knows is going to happen tonight:


Don’t forget, we’re talking caucuses here folks.  This is about how roughly 20% of hardcore Republicans voted, never mind the other 80% and independents and Democrats.

The general election will be a whole new ballgame.

Have a fun Saturday night!

Now, on to Maine and Colorado.  (Bleh.)

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Rick Santorum’s Zzzzzzz Factor

Far as I can tell, none of the kids in this photo care what Rick Santorum is saying.  And can you blame them?  I’m sure the feeling is mutual.



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Bomb Iran? No!

Occupy and other groups are rallying today in New York City to protest sanctions on Iran, the murder of Iranian scientists, and the increasingly hostile rhetoric coming from the United States and Israel concerning Iran.

The intrepid reporter Tim Pool is sending out pictures of some of the signs people are carrying (see them at his link above).  This is my favorite so far:

Ain’t that the truth.

Interesting isn’t it that the usual crowd that screams about cutting government spending isn’t screaming about not going to war again.  When it comes to cuts, they only want to cut the programs that benefit we the people.  Defense contractors?  Not so much.


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Cancer Makes You Say What You Feel

Linda has a message for the Komen Foundation.

I love Linda!

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