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UPDATE on Pete Hoekstra’s Disasterous Super Bowl Ad

For the back story go here:  Pete Hoekstra’s Super Bowl Ad Doing Him In

Now for the UPDATE:

Star Of Hoekstra “Racist” Ad In Michigan Apologizes

Lisa Chan via Facebook

Lisa Chan, the actress who starred in former Rep. Pete Hoekstra’s (R) Senate ad in Michigan that created a racial firestorm, apologized on Facebook Wednesday for the character she portrayed.

“I am deeply sorry for any pain that the character I portrayed brought to my communities. As a recent college grad who has spent time working to improve communities and empower those without a voice, this role is not in any way representative of who I am. It was absolutely a mistake on my part and one that, over time, I hope can be forgiven. I feel horrible about my participation and I am determined to resolve my actions.”

Good for her but ugh, poor thing.  My sense is she didn’t know what she was getting into.  Star struck.

When I was a “kid,” people made mistakes in private without the whole world watching or knowing.

Downside of the series of tubes on the Internets.

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Pro-Lifers Are Against “Murder,” Sometimes

Dana Perino is a Fox News “personality” and a former Press Secretary to George W. Bush.  This would be Perino talking about the birth control/Catholic church “controversy” and it is my Tweet of the Day:

Good question Dana.

BTW, Perino has zero credibility IMHO as this is a another direct quote from her (November 24, 2009):  “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term.”

No wonder Fox hired her.

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Dinner Anyone?

Martha Stewart’s chow chow, Ghenghis Khan, won best in breed yesterday at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show so hey, she did what anyone would do.  She took him to dinner at the Plaza!



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Screaming About Birth Control — A Republican Staple for 60+ Years

Here is a fascinating article detailing the “long history of the war against contraception.”  One of the big take-aways is that Republicans have been using contraception as a way to rally their base for more than 60 years.

It’s an indication of how few new ideas they have for what ail us now that they’re dredging up the same ol’ issues in 2012 that they used as far back as the 1960’s.

Too bad we’re so dumbed down that this isn’t common knowledge because it’s really pretty damn insulting.


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Reuters Would Have Us Believe Occupy Encampments are “Largely Gone”

This is from Reuters today:

With Camps Gone, Occupiers Prepare for New Fights

Their encampments are largely gone, but the U.S. Occupy movement is far from dead, with organizers focused on a next wave of protest.

Reuters, you’re wrong.  The camps aren’t “gone” or even “largely gone.”

Here’s a list of Occupy encampments that are still standing, as of Monday:

Ah yes, the “liberal media.”




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GM Trades Pensions for a Week’s Vacation

General Motors Co. is eliminating traditional pensions for all U.S. salaried employees, but the automaker is softening the blow by giving all salaried workers an extra week of vacation.

The company said that it would also announce bonuses for its approximately 26,000 U.S. salaried workers during its 2011 earnings call on Thursday. Those bonuses will be tied to GM’s global performance.

GM also said it will give pay increases to workers with critical skills this year, but said there would be no across-the-board raises.


So instead of a pension, which guarantees regular payments in a set amount from the time someone retires until they die, employees get a week’s vacation? Wow.  Big of them.


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About That Big Catholic Backlash Against Obama

Hey, what gives?  We were told there would be a big Catholic backlash against President Obama over the contraceptive issue but oops, no esta aqui:

Via The New Republic

The big Catholic backlash against President Obama looks like a big nothing, at least for the moment. A new poll from Gallup shows that, among Catholic voters responding to survey, the president’s approval rating is 46 percent – down 3 percentage points from where it was last week, but not a statistically significant change given the size of the poll.

It’s possible Obama’s numbers among Catholics will deteriorate more next week. But given Obama’s decision Friday to tweak the policy and the support he’s now won among less conservative Catholic leaders, like Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Hospital Association, such deterioration seems unlikely. As Ed Kilgore says, “If [these] numbers are even remotely accurate, the effort to mobilize Catholics against Obama on this issue has simply failed.”


The real story here is about the approximately 430 American Catholic Bishops who were behind last week’s freak out and the extent to which they are out of touch with their parishioners.





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