Politico Mistakes Wisconsin State Flag for Union Flag

February 16, 2012 at 1:53 PM Leave a comment

Holy cow:

In his barnstorming speech [yesterday in Wisconsin], the President called for tax cuts for American manufacturers and higher taxes for companies that move jobs overseas. He stood before the American flag and the blue Wisconsin flag, which portrays working men of old — a sailor and a miner below a busy badger. Emblazoned across the bottom is the year of the state’s founding, 1848.

Yet, reporting on the speech, Politico reporter Donovan Slack wrote, “Behind the stage where he will speak today are two flags: an American one, as usual, and right alongside it — and just as large — a flag for the local union, Wisconsin 1848.”

“The President has been mum in recent months on the battle raging in the Badger State between unions and Republican Gov. Scott Walker,” he continued. But Slack saw the presence of the “union” flag as definite evidence concerning Obama’s feelings. “It’s very clear what side President Obama is on here in Wisconsin,” writes Slack.


Politico has since removed the article.

There’s no excuse for this kind of sloppy “reporting” (other than an agenda-driven mindset).  Slack saw what he wanted to see and reported it as fact without, apparently, taking two seconds to oh, say, Google “Wisconsin state flag,” or “local union, Wisconsin 1848” for confirmation.


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