145 Bears Shot Last Year in Area Surrounding Canada’s Tar Sand Oil Fields

February 22, 2012 at 5:13 PM Leave a comment

If the people in charge of extracting oil from Canada’s tar sands can’t do a better job than this of disposing of their damn garbage, I hate to think what other kinds of messes they’re making up there, much less the kind of mess they’d make constructing the Keystone XL pipeline:

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Alberta Sustainable Resource Development says 145 black bears were killed by Fish and Wildlife conservation officers last year after being habituated to garbage in the oilsands region.

The number of bears shot in the Fort McMurray district was nearly three times the count the previous year and the highest in recent history, said spokesman Darcy Whiteside.

Nearly half — 68 bears — were shot in oilsands camps and facilities after being attracted to the camp by food, garbage or other attractants, Whiteside said Tuesday.

Another 51 were shot on residential properties.

No individual or company was charged with improper storage of food or other attractants, Whiteside said.

Environment and wildlife conservation groups were outraged by the number of black bear killings. They immediately blamed the deaths on lax garbage management and a lack of proper monitoring and regulation by the provincial government.

Way to go idiot humans.  What a unnecessary, preventable tragedy.


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