Berkeley Police Blame Occupy Protesters For Man’s Murder

February 23, 2012 at 6:02 PM Leave a comment

This is how the establishment slowly turns the public against groups it doesn’t like:

The Berkeley Police Department has come under fire this week for not responding to a call that evolved into the killing of a man Saturday.

Blame for the alleged murder of Peter Cukor, 67 — who was beaten to death outside of his Berkeley Hills home Saturday evening — has been passed between the police department and Occupy protesters who marched from Oakland to the UC Berkeley campus that evening.

Berkeley police have acknowledged that they were keeping officers on standby to monitor the march to the campus’s International House when Cukor first called at 8:45 p.m. to report a suspicious person “hanging around” his property.

However, at that time, the police department was only responding to criminal, emergency, in progress calls, according to Berkeley Police Department Lt. Andrew Greenwood.

After phoning police, Cukor walked to a nearby fire station for help and, on his way back, was bludgeoned to death, according to Greenwood.


“I’m totally freaked out by what happened,” said Cathy Romanski, a staff member at the UC Berkeley School of Law and a resident of the Grizzly Peak area where the murder occurred. “The police didn’t come when we needed them because of Occupy Oakland,” Romanski said. “I want them to know what they did — that a person died because of their protests. It’s appalling.”

However, Wendy Kenin, an Occupy Oakland protester, said the Occupy Oakland march did not leave until after the assault had already been reported, so blaming the department’s lack of response on the protesters is unfair.

“They are over-responding, and they are putting all their manpower into a peaceful demonstration when they should be responding to calls about potential violence,” Kenin said.


So what if this had occurred oh, say, during a visit by President Obama? Would the police blame the murder on him?  Of course not.  Or what if it happened on UCBerkeley’s graduation day?  Would the police blame it on the students or the university?  No.  The Occupy people are convenient scapegoats and the Berkeley PD should be ashamed of what it’s doing here.



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