Early April Fool’s Joke?

March 17, 2012 at 10:29 AM 1 comment

Holy cow:

Mitt Romney, mired in a frustrating slog toward the presidential nomination, has directed his top advisers to launch a multi-pronged effort to unite the Republican Party as the primaries draw to a close.

While Romney’s public activities are geared almost entirely toward winning the nomination, his campaign is on a private mission aimed beyond spring. Senior aides and surrogates — hoping to seize a moment when even some unfriendly Republicans are beginning to see Romney as inevitable — have spent the past several weeks making calls and visits to conservative leaders and activists who have resisted Romney’s candidacy.


Among those being courted is Richard Land, a longtime leader of the Southern Baptist Convention. As a practice, Land said, he does not endorse political candidates, but he is considered a powerful barometer of the evangelical community.

Land said that after a private dinner with Romney last year at Acadiana, a Washington restaurant, Romney’s advisers have been in regular touch. Land said he recently told them that Romney could win over recalcitrant conservatives by picking Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) as his vice presidential running mate and previewing a few Cabinet selections: Santorum as attorney general, Gingrich as ambassador to the United Nations and John Bolton as secretary of state.


Can you imagine Rick Santorum as attorney general?  We’d have prayer in schools and women not only wouldn’t have access to birth control, they wouldn’t be allowed to wear pants anymore.  And Gingrich as ambassador to the United Nations?  I don’t know if his humongous ego would fit in the building.  And pair him with John Bolton as secretary of state and they’d end up pissing off the entire world and starting who knows how many new wars.

What a nightmare.


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  • 1. doog  |  March 17, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    Actually, Santorum as Attorney General would (eventually) be a good thing since he’d cause so much trouble it would finally wake Dems up and get them organized.

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