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Calvin Johnson and Acura: Aggression is “Elegant”

Aggression is “elegant?”

Tell that to Trayvon Martin:  The killing of Trayvon Martin


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American Theocracy — It Begins With “Little” Things Like License Plates

What is your immediate thought when you see this Colorado license plate?

Anti-abortion, right?  But that’s not what the theocrats in Colorado told us when they rammed this down our throat:

You’ve seen them — Colorado’s most popular specialty plates, with white mountains under a blue sky, bearing an image of the state flower, the columbine. Former [Republican] Gov. Bill Owens’ (R) administration approved the design, ostensibly to commemorate the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School.


“I thought it was about being against abortion,” says Angie Wagner, loading her Buick with her four kids and groceries outside a Family Dollar store on Wednesday.

“It’s pro-life all the way,” adds Hunter Reyes, parked outside a Christian bookstore.

A bill authorizing the plate was introduced in the legislature in 2000 but voted down. Owens’ [R-Religious Zealot] Division of Motor Vehicles went ahead anyway.

If the anti-choice former governor really meant to honor the Columbine tragedy, there would have been more direct ways of doing it. “April 20, 1999. We will remember,” comes to mind. Or “Don’t Kill Your Schoolmates” might have made the point more bluntly.

Instead, the state seems to have exploited the massacre and its victims by using rhetoric that’s off-point and unmistakably political. Imagine the uproar over a license plate reading, “Respect Choice.” “Toke Up” or “Marry Gay” would have been equally lacking in subtlety.

I bring this up because of this:

‘I Believe’ license plates available in South Carolina 2 years after ruling

South Carolina drivers can buy religious license plates that feature three crosses and a sunrise, 2 1/2 years after a federal judge declared a previous legislative effort for the “I Believe” tags unconstitutional.

The new tags are sponsored by the nonprofit group as allowed under state law.

The new tag is a nonpolitical way for Christians of all denominations to share their faith, said Adrian Grimes, spokeswoman for the group’s upcoming rollout of the plate.

A federal judge ruled in 2009 that “I Believe” tags that legislators created through a state law violated the First Amendment ban on establishment of religion by government. That plate featured a cross and stained glass window.

The new plates show the nonprofit’s name across the top, with the letters “JC” between the image of three crosses on a hill and the license number.

Be careful America/USA.

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What “At Will” Employment Looks Like

Being employed “at will” means employers can fire employees for any reason absent an employment or union contract.  Employees work for employers “at [the] will” of employers.  For all intents and purposes, employees have no rights whatsoever.  Every state in the United States operates under the “at will” doctrine (with some minor exceptions) meaning that unless a worker has a union contract, they’re screwed:

Law firm fires 14 employees for wearing orange shirts

(Photo: Michael Laughlin, Sun Sentinel)

They weren’t wearing sagging pants or revealing clothing. But dressing in an orange shirt is apparently enough to get fired at one Florida law firm, where 14 workers were unceremoniously let go last Friday.

In an interview with the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, several of the fired workers say they wore the matching colors so they would be identified as a group when heading out for a happy hour event after work. They say the executive who fired them initially accused them of wearing the matching color as a form of protest against management.

Orange is widely considered to be one of the most visible colors to the human eye. Orange vests are worn by most hunters as a safety precaution and by school crossing guards. Most prisoners are required to wear orange jump suits.

The color orange is arguably Florida’s defining color. The self-described “Sunshine State” is widely known for its orange juice exports.

The law offices of Elizabeth R. Wellborn, P.A. offered “no comment” to Sun-Sentinel reporter Doreen Hemlock, but four ex-employees tell the paper they were simply wearing their orange shirts to celebrate “pay day” and the upcoming Friday group happy hour.

Hate unions?  If so, you’re a good little sheeple.  The corporate media wants us to hate unions because, as the propaganda arm of corporate America, they want to maintain this system.  If American workers were unionized they’d actually have a voice but of course, the powers that be don’t want that.  They want to be able to treat us this way because that keeps us docile and quiet and scared and willing to put up with just about anything.  Hey, they have it made.

So the next time you hear anti-union stuff on “the news,” remember these 14 workers.  My rule of thumb is, if the corporate media is against it, I’m probably for it.

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Woman Proposes to Woman During Half-Time at Canadian Hockey Game

Watch this adorable video and listen to the crowd while imaging the reaction this would get in the United States.

On Saturday night at Scotiabank Place, a Toronto Maple Leafs fan named Alicia stood on the ice during the second intermission wearing a blindfold. When it was removed, she looked up at the video scoreboard and read a message from her girlfriend, an Ottawa Senators fan named Christina.

Schmaltzy music played. Out walked Christina. They embraced and had a brief conversation, as the crowd began to wise up to what was about to happen.

Christina dropped to one knee while holding Alicia’s hand. The fans roared. She slid the engagement ring on, they shared a kiss and the Senators mascot proudly raised a sign that read “SHE SAID YES.”

Again, go here to see the video.

Bravo to you Canada!  Hugs all around.

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Republicans Want to Fight About Teleprompters? Really?

Donald Trump, who endorsed Mitt Romney, just tweeted:


Here’s Mitt Romney in Washington, D.C. on February 10, 2012, at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) meeting.  Notice the ah, TELEPROMPTER?

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty


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ESPN: Payton Manning Picks Broncos

ESPN is reporting that Payton Manning has picked the Denver Broncos and — this is big — Tim Tebow will be “on the trading block tomorrow.”  Woohah.

(Photo: AP / Ross D. Franklin)

Bye-bye Tim.  It must be “God’s will.”

Details here.

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Fox News Kills?

Via Facebook / Tracy Knauss

Today I posted an image called “Fox News killed my mother.” Because it did. It was the most widely circulated image I’ve ever posted. But, after about and hour I could no longer read any of the comments. Still can’t. And some of you have messaged me to say you can’t see it. So here it is again. This time, my explanation will be in the first comment instead of here. Basically my mother fell and refused to go to the doctor because she was afraid that “Obamacare” would get information about her and use it in their “death panels.”


(Posted without comment because I have no way of verifying whether this is true, or not.)

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