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BREAKING: Republicans Say Obama is the One Who’s Waging a War on Women

It’s March.  It’s only March!  If this is what’s happening now, I can only imagine…



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Romney to be on Leno on Tuesday

Uh oh.  Foot in mouth, unforced error alert:

Mitt Romney has been a target of Jay Leno jokes, and now he’ll get the chance to give the late-night comedian a few jabs in return.

NBC announced Thursday that the Republican presidential candidate will be the lead guest on the “Tonight Show” on Tuesday. It’s the former Massachusetts governor’s first visit to Leno’s stage during the 2012 presidential season.


Should be fun?

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WordPress Could Use Some Help

I just got this message from WordPress:

On Friday March 23, 2012 you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on Say It Ain’t So Already. That’s pretty awesome, well done!

Love you WordPress but far as I know, Friday, March 23 hasn’t happened yet.

Just sayin’.

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Think About This: Cows Are Fed Metal Magnets to Prevent Them From Ingesting Metal

FYI — a heads up and a quick post:

Cows Are Fed Magnets to Prevent Them From Ingesting Metal Objects

Image via


The headline alone makes me crazy.  Cows are fed metal to prevent them from ingesting metal?

Oh.  Okay.

Gosh.  I wonder if that metal is absorbed into the body of the poor cow and then into ours.

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An Orangutan Named Green Dies of a Broken Heart

I’ve been reading about this 47 minute documentary for several days now.  It’s about deforestation in Indonesia as experienced by an orangutan named Green whose world — the forest she lives in — is entirely destroyed.  In the end she dies.

I haven’t been able to watch it yet but I will eventually. I feel a moral obligation to do so insofar as I’m a human being and human beings are responsible for what’s happening there.

There is no narration.  As a matter of fact, no words are spoken at all.

I thought I’d post it FYI.  I’ll post again after I’ve had the strength to watch it.


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A Dog’s Eye View of a Walk

For break time! today folks we have Riley the Corgi taking a walk up Runyan Canyon in Los Angeles set to the catchy tune, Here’s to Now by Ugly Casanova.

It’s delightful.

(H/t Liz.  Via.)

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Limbaugh Says Protests Against Him Aren’t Working

…so the obvious thing to do is hire a crisis management firm.  Makes sense, right?

While [Rush Limbaugh] publicly scoffed at the notion that the reaction to his misogyny [and his three-day rant against “slut” Sandra Fluke] is having an impact, he’s quietly hired an expert in crisis management to handle the fallout.

Brian Glicklich has been acting on Limbaugh’s behalf since at least March 8. Glicklich is a former vice president at Premiere Radio Networks, and currently heads the firm How Handy Is That, which specializes in reputation and crisis management and “gadfly defense.” He previously worked as counsel to a firm that provides crisis management to clients like David Copperfield and Paris Hilton. Glicklich also has an extensive relationship with Glenn Beck, and is thanked in the acknowledgements of several of Beck’s books.


Repeat after me:  This is having no effect!  This is having no effect!  This is having no effect!

Man, there’s no end to the lying coming from the right these days.

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