Obama Speaks the Truth, Fox Has a Fit

April 2, 2012 at 8:08 PM Leave a comment

Ah, yeah (the headline on FoxNation right now):

I think we can all agree that that’s true.  Supreme Court justices are unelected.

But no.  Fox is freaking.  This is from the accompanying article:

President Obama hosted a North American summit with Canadian Prime Minister Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon today at the White House.

During this summit, the President commented on the recent Supreme Court hearings on his signature healthcare law.

Obama remains ‘confident’ that the law will be upheld and felt he had to remind ‘conservative commentators’  that for four years they complained of ‘judicial activism’ and that an ‘unelected group of people’ would overturn a ‘duly constituted and passed law’ , a scenario he compared his healthcare fight to.

That’s a perfectly legitimate comment but what Fox is freaking out about is that it goes against the meme it has been pushing for years: Liberal judges are the only ones who engage in “judicial activism.” Conservative judges “uphold the Constitution.”  What with Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, it has to reconfigure that propaganda.

What to do?  Deal with the facts?  Hey, we’re talkin’ Fox here folks. The facts aren’t on their side so option #2 is attack, attack, attack, attack Obama.

Be dumb.  Watch Fox.  They count on it.


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