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Constitutional Lawyer Obama Hates Whistleblowers

A quickie post:

The law-breaking telecoms who received retroactive immunity from Congress, the interrogators who tortured prisoners, the officials who gave the orders, the attorneys who authored the torture memos, and the CIA agents who destroyed the interrogation tapes have not been held professionally accountable, much less been charged with crimes. National security and intelligence whistleblowers have become the glaring exception to the Obama administration’s mantra of “looking forward, not backward.”  If you committed crimes under the guise of national security and the war on terrorism, you will not be held criminally liable, but if you blow the whistle on crimes, you risk criminal prosecution under the Espionage Act.

Learn more here about what Obama’s doing.  He’s worse than Bush when it comes to prosecuting people who expose corruption.

I thought he would encourage that, because he said he would:

I didn’t add an “Obama — Don’t Count on my Vote” category to this blog on a whim.



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A Fox News Mole Promises to Leak Insider Dirt to Gawker

Announcing Our Newest Hire: A Current Fox News Channel Employee

What follows is the inaugural column of a person we are calling The Fox Mole—a long-standing, current employee of Fox News Channel who will be providing Gawker with regular dispatches from inside the organization.

I always intended to keep my mouth shut. The plan was simple: get hired, keep my head down and my views to myself, work for a few months, build my resume, then eventually hop to a new job that didn’t make me cringe every morning when I looked in the mirror.

That was years ago. My cringe muscles have turned into crow’s feet. The ten resumes a month I was sending out dwindled into five, then two, then one, then zero. No one wants me. I’m blacklisted.

I work at Fox News Channel.


After we released Outfoxed in 2004 we hoped (and hoped and hoped) a Fox insider would contact us and start talking but it didn’t happen.  I hope this Gawker thing pans out and that Gawker has confirmed that their mole is a credible person who really does work there.

Could be fascinating.

Fox is so toxic to our society.

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Is Fox News “Representing” George Zimmerman?

Wooha.  This could be a big deal (all speculation at this point).

George Zimmerman’s lawyers stopped representing him today because they have lost contact with him and they “don’t know what he’s doing.”  They previously had had daily contact:

A few minutes ago I got these tweets:

So, George Zimmerman stops communicating with his lawyers and launches a website, “”  When his lawyers say they “don’t know what he’s doing,” they’re saying he isn’t listening to their advice and that he is potentially doing things that could be harmful to his defense if he is in fact charged.

I wonder if Sean Hannity has taken Zimmerman under his wing so-to-speak, and if he is feeding Zimmerman some sort of BS about how, well, who knows?  Maybe something about how he (Zimmerman) could be a champion for the allegedly oppressed white race and if he gives Hannity/Fox total control they’ll make him a hero.  Or about how Zimmerman could help defeat President Obama (listen to Zimmerman’s father and you’ll have a good idea where he stands politically) in some way only Fox could imagine — turn the election into a race war maybe?

I can see how someone like Zimmerman would be in awe of Sean Hannity and would do pretty much anything he said.  Was it Hannity/Fox’s idea that Zimmerman set up the website?  After all, to a winger, Hannity is like Jesus.  What could be better than having Jesus holding your hand?

This is all speculation but I wouldn’t put anything past Fox.  Don’t forget.  Fox works for Republicans and the corporatocracy and this election means war.  Not only that, do a Google on what News Corp. (Fox’s parent company) has been up to in the UK and you’ll see how dirty they can be (as if further proof is needed).

Oh, and by the way.  Zimmerman’s former lawyers imply (see video above), not so subtly, that he is no longer in the state of Florida:  “[L]ook much farther away,” and they say “he might not be in full control of what’s going on.”

Wherever he is, remember, he still legally possesses and carries a gun.

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Maryland Bans Employers From Asking For Internet Passwords

Bravo to Maryland! As if the corporatocracy needs more power?

Maryland on Monday became the first state in the nation to ban employers from requesting access to the social media accounts of employees and job applicants.

The state’s General Assembly passed legislation that would prohibit employers from requiring or seeking user names, passwords or any other means of accessing personal Internet sites such as Facebook as a condition of employment.

The bill has its genesis in a controversy that began when Maryland Corrections Officer Robert Collins returned to work following a leave of absence taken after the death of his mother. While completing a re-certification process needed to return to duty, Collins was asked for his personal Facebook password, ostensibly to check for known gang activity. He refused, and obtained the assistance of the Maryland chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which quickly filed a lawsuit, bringing the case onto the national stage.



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Newt’s Campaign Writes an NSF Check to the State of Utah

When an egomaniac writes a check that bounces, what does he tell himself and does he feel humiliated?   I wonder.

Five Republicans have filed the necessary papers and $500 fee to qualify for the June 26 Utah presidential primary election, but with Rick Santorum dropping out of the race Tuesday, only four will be on the ballot.

Or, make that possibly three.

Newt Gingrich’s check bounced.

Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas said a designated agent for the Gingrich campaign brought the filing papers and a check for $500 in March, but after the check was deposited, the state was notified by the bank that the check had bounced. He said the office has tried to contact the Gingrich campaign through the telephone number and email provided on the application, but have not received a response.

Recently, the state sent a certified letter to the campaign, stating that if the fee isn’t paid by April 20, Gingrich will be disqualified and will not be on the ballot.



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Santorum “Suspends” His Campaign

Rick Santorum

is “suspending” his presidential campaign.  (If someone suspends their campaign, they leave open the option of getting back in.  Oy.)

Now that his nomination is in the bag, will Romney announce he’s buying another beach home?

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Ozzie Guillen Praised the Wrong Person

You may have heard that Ozzie Guillen, the first-year manager of the Miami Marlins baseball team was suspended this morning:

(Photo: Lynne Sladky / AP)

Ozzie Guillen was suspended five games by the Miami Marlins in advance of a news conference this morning where he explained his explosive comments about Fidel Castro, words that have set off protests in the middle of the community where the Miami Marlins have built their new stadium and among fans the team hope to woo.

Guillen, the first-year manager of the Marlins, made a special trip back to Miami from Philadelphia on an off-day for the team so he could explain comments in a Time magazine article praising Castro.


The Venezuelan Guillen said in the Time article that he “loves” Castro and respects him for being able to say in power for more than 50 years.


Gee.  Guillen made the mistake of praising the wrong person.  If he had said he “loved” Blackwater or Saudi Arabia or AK-47s or the Koch brothers, he would have been fine.  Poor guy, being from Venezuela he apparently didn’t realize that “freedom of speech” in the United States is something of a myth.

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