Legalize Marijuana for God’s Sake

April 20, 2012 at 1:25 PM Leave a comment

Thought I’d update ya’ll on the police state going on at the University of Colorado – Boulder today.  (Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Go here.)

As I said yesterday in the post linked to above, CU police “strongly suggested” I not take my usual morning route through campus on my way to the food bank today.  But I left the house and as I approached the campus I could have going one of three ways; my usual way (through the campus), to the west around the campus, or to the east around the campus.  I decided to take my usual route and go straight through the campus and well, see what happens.

Turns out nothing happened but it was obvious it was still early.  I was on the campus proper for probably four minutes and I traveled approximately half a mile (there are three pedestrian crosswalks along the way and I had to stop at each one).  Orange traffic cones lined the entirety of the road, placed roughly every eight feet.  A person dressed like this

stood at every driveway and sidewalk leading into the campus to the west.   “Campus Closed” signs were visible on folding placards placed in the median.

On my way home I took a different route (my usual route home) which took me along the immediate eastern edge of campus.  I saw two electronic road signs along the way, both of them flashing “WARNING TRESPASS PROSECUTED.”

I am so ashamed of the university.

Here are my Tweets of the Day:

And this one which, if true, means CU is spending more to keep the pot smokers away than if it had just let them be.  Ridiculous waste of money:

And this would be my photo of the day:

(Photo via Arash Mosaleh of 9News)

Let’s just legalize marijuana already and be done with this charade.


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