A Bear in a Tree Down the Road From Me

April 26, 2012 at 11:54 AM 2 comments

Updated below.

This is happening (10:54 a.m. MDT) just down the road from me:

(Photo: Cliff Grassmick / Daily Camera)

Wildlife officers have shot a bear with tranquilizer darts that’s in a tree near the University of Colorado’s Williams Village dorms this morning, and now are waiting for the animal to fall from its perch.

To soften the bear’s landing, officers have placed pads on the ground under the tree.

The bear was first reported to campus police shortly before 8 a.m., according to CU police spokesman Ryan Huff. At the time, the bear was roaming through Williams Village and past the Bear Creek Apartments.

It climbed about 15 feet up a tree along 30th Street near the Darley Commons dining hall at the Williams Village housing complex.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks rangers said the bear is probably between 1 and 3 years old and likely weighs about 150 to 200 pounds, Huff said.


Poor bear.  We’re in his area.

Update @ 10:59 a.m. MDT:  This is the bear now, tranquilized and caged, and probably headed on a road trip way, way west into the mountains:

(Photo: @BrittanyAnas on Twitter)


Entry filed under: Animals (Other Than Us).

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  • 1. JC for pennies  |  April 27, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    Yeah, I guess it was just sort of waiting in line for scraps from the institutional cuisine of that student cafeteria. “Poor bear” is probably right! Hopefully it will do better at your local humane society center. Who knows?

  • 2. Say It Ain't So Already  |  April 27, 2012 at 5:08 PM

    Exactly. The bears move through town eating trash and bird seed and who knows what. It isn’t their fault they end up where they do. It’s ours.

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