Spencer Ackerman Confirms That the D.C. Media is as Screwed Up As We Thought

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Spencer Ackerman, a/k/a “Attackerman,” is a writer/blogger I’ve followed off and on for years.  I like his snarky personality and the topics about which he writes.

Andrew Sullivan, another favorite, has a video up over at The Daily Beast of Ackerman answering the question:   “What do you hate most about beltway culture”  Here’s what Ackerman had to say:

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I hate everything.  I hate everything about this place um, that isn’t ah, directly related to the friends that I’ve made here.  Um, the family that I’ve started here.

D.C. itself is a wonderful place.

The culture of this business we’re in [journalism] is just soul-crushing.  Um, the self-importance, the humorlessness, the bad sense of humor, ah, the fact that ah, people deliberately take things out of context, the feigned outrage, the dedicated lack of real-keeping (?), the almost aggressive insulting of one’s intelligence that ah, marks successful political discourse and combat and media discourse.

The deceit on the part of editors um, who don’t work for Wired magazine or Wired.com.

Ah, the relentless self-importance.

The unhealthy offense taken at basic profanity.

Uh, the decided lack of creativity.

The class politics that never get acknowledged as class politics.

The um, disdain for um, the disdain for poor people.

Um, the aggressive refusal to recognize that there’s such a thing as white privilege.

The aggressive refusal to recognize that the media in Washington is relentlessly just white and rich and unchanging and self-satisfied about all of these things.

The traffic.

The inability to know how to operate on a subway.  The inability to call the Metro a subway.  The aggressiveness with which people take offense when you call the Metro a subway because you grew up in a real city with a mother fucking subway.

The restaurant culture is good. You know, people do like to cook here.

Ah, the aggressive refusal amongst other people outside of the beltway to see beltway people as human beings like them.  The idea that we are, you know, aliens in some way, or mutants.  The refusal of media mutants within the Beltway to recognize that there is some truth to that even if it is not totally true.

The idea amongst beltway people that one must, you know, if they’re going to own this and take back their lives, in that sense, that they have to aggressively own so many disgusting things about this; the way in which um, all of us eventually, even we think we’re challenging this culture, acquiesce to it in important ways.

The climate.

I wanted to post this because it’s rare to hear D.C. media insiders talk about the culture of D.C. media insiders, the Extremely Smart People who set the tone for so much of our discourse and who we see on the teevee all the freakin’ time but who don’t talk about anything that matters to us.  We had a pretty good idea why that was, but now what we thought all along has been confirmed.

Again, see the video here.


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