Bravo! — Gay Donors Withholding Money from Pro-Obama SuperPAC

May 7, 2012 at 6:15 PM Leave a comment

On April 12 I posted about President Obama’s refusal to

[S]ign an executive order banning discrimination [toward gays and lesbians] by employers with federal contracts.

The executive order, which activists said had support from the Labor and Justice Departments, would have applied to gay, bisexual and transgender people working for or seeking employment from federal contractors. Current law does not protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and legislation to do so, which Mr. Obama endorses, lacks sufficient votes in Congress.

This sets my hair on fire.  Any company our government hires via a “federal contract” is paid with our tax dollars.  No company receiving our tax dollars should be allowed to discriminate in any way whatsoever because, hello, it is paid via the pool of money we all contribute to. (Think about it: gays and lesbians pay taxes like the rest of us even though the United States officially treats them like second-class citizens.  Would you put up with that?)

So I’m all for this.  Maybe withholding money will compel Mr. Hope and Change to grow a pair (since he doesn’t seem to have the cojones to do what’s morally right on his own, without being pressured):

Some leading gay and progressive donors are so angry over President Obama’s refusal to sign an executive order barring same sex discrimination by federal contractors that they are refusing to give any more money to the pro-Obama super PAC, a top gay fundraiser’s office tells me. In some cases, I’m told, big donations are being withheld.

Jonathan Lewis, the gay philanthropist and leading Democratic fundraiser, is one of many gay advocates who has been working behind the scenes to pressure Obama to change his mind. When Obama decided against the executive order last month, arguing that he would pursue a legislative solution instead, advocates were furious — such a solution will never pass Congress, the executive order has been a priority for advocates for years, and the move smacked of a political cave to conservatives who will not support Obama no matter what he does.





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