Fox Uses Misleading Pic to Imply Small Crowd at Obama Rally

May 7, 2012 at 3:27 PM 2 comments

This “Pic of the Day” is up on‘s homepage right now (4:01 p.m. ET):

If you click on the headline, “Pic of the Day,” you go to Fox’s “Pic of the Day” page and you see that the photo was actually the “Pic of the Day” on May 5

but apparently they’re loving it so much they have left it up.  (You’d think they would be professional enough to change the caption to indicate that the rally in Ohio wasn’t held “today,” but on May 5.)

Anyway, PoliticusUSA has proof that the photo, showing lots of empty seats along the upper bowl, above the blue neon line, was taken before Obama began speaking, and while attendees were still entering the arena.

By comparing the first two photographs, we can see two things that prove that picture of Obama “failure” was taken before the event began. Notice that the crawler between the lower and upper bowls is blank in the first photograph, but once event began, the crawler/scoreboard featured a blue Obama/Biden logo.

If you look closely, you can see the shadows cast by the people standing on floor. The lighting likely wasn’t at full power, in other words the stage lighting is not on. As anyone who has ever been to a concert knows, the stage lights aren’t turned on until an act takes the stage. The house lights, which are the lights beneath the retired jersey banners, are used pre-event, post-event, and during intermissions.


The truth is that President Obama drew 14,000+ in an 18,000 seat arena. It wasn’t a sellout, but it was about 13,500 more people than Romney’s largest crowd in Ohio. As the Washington Post pointed out Romney has drawn crowds of several thousand during the campaign, what they didn’t mention is that most of his thousands were bused in Mormon college students, but Obama’s crowd today was exponentially bigger than anything Mitt Romney has drawn this year.

Not only that, they have a third “pic” as well as a video that shows the place was packed.

So, Fox is using a photo posted by the likes of Breitbart and Drudge to imply Obama’s crowd was much smaller than it actually was because, well, because I guess doing so makes their sorry ass feel better.



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  • 1. Nicole  |  August 14, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    Who cares? He’s still a socialist, still keeps $pending money WE DON’T HAVE and the alleged 14,000 supporters can follow him off the cliff “Forward” He is the worst President in the history of this country

  • 2. Say It Ain't So Already  |  August 14, 2012 at 9:21 PM

    Obviously a Foxwatcher.

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