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50,000 Brown People Died Over the Last 6 Years Due to America’s Drug Addiction

I am shocked.  I had no idea 50,000 — 50,000! — of our neighbors to the south have died in the last six years in the fight to supply the United States with the drugs it craves.

Here is a haunting photo essay from The Atlantic:

Thousands of guns are destroyed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua State, on February 16, 2012. At least 6,000 rifles and pistols seized from drugs cartels were destroyed by members of the Mexican Army. (Jesus Alcazar/AFP/Getty Images)

Where did those guns come from?  The United States.

● ● ● ● ●  ●

young man lies dead next to a skateboard and a bicycle after unknown gunmen opened fire in the eastern part of Saltillo, Mexico, on December 7, 2011. According to the state attorney general, three young men were killed in the attack. (AP Photo/Alberto Puente)

More images here.

Instead of building bases (yes, we’re doing that too) and joining counternarcotics efforts in Honduras, killing civilians, pissing off the people and arming the Mexican government, we might want to take a look at why so many people in the U.S. feel the need to get high.  Ya think? Unemployment comes to mind.  Debt comes to mind.  The cost of medical treatment comes to mind.  Mental illness comes to mind.  Over-stressed parents and families come to mind.  Seniors who are freaked out about being able to live with dignity until they die come to mind.  Hello!

But no.  I guess the thinking is that 50,000 dead brown people (and counting) is preferable to the USA! USA! USA! facing what’s going on at home.

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Talking War on the “Liberal Media”

This would be my Tweet of the Day and IMHO this is serious.  The “liberal media” is saturated with Pentagon and military “analysts.”  How about we have one person on every network who talks about the benefit of not waging war and not spending trillions on defense?

Where are those (you know, “fair and balanced”) voices?  Nowhere.



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Don’t Forget, George Zimmerman Wasn’t Tested For Drugs


(Image via the

Apropos of the post below, about Trayvon Martin having “traces” of THC in his system on the night George Zimmerman killed him, it’s interesting to note that ABC “News” didn’t point out Zimmerman wasn’t tested for drugs that night.  So who knows, Zimmerman could have been more drugged up than Trayvon was, but we’ll never know.

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ABC News Stacks the Deck Against Trayvon Martin

ABC News just sent this tweet out:

Go to the article — here — and you learn Trayvon Martin had a drug, not drugs plural, in his system:  “The autopsy report shows traces of the drug THC, which is found in marijuana, in Martin’s blood and urine.”  So there was one drug and there was only a “trace” of that one drug.

That’s a far cry from what is stated as fact in ABC’s tweet:  “…had drugs in system…”

They don’t call it the lame stream media for nothing.  Maybe we should throw something about shameless in there too.


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Romney: I Stand By What I Said Before, Even if I Don’t Remember What it Was

Holy cow.  This is Mitt Romney earlier today after being asked if he stands by his past comments about Obama and Jeremiah Wright.  The guy doesn’t have a firm position on the issue (even tough it has been in the ether for four years) and he couldn’t remember what his last line of BS on it was, so this is what he had to do:


Yeah, whatever.  So funny, huh Mitt?

This is what happens when you lie and/or change your position depending on which way the wind blows:  You can’t remember what your position is on things from one day to the freakin’ next.

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Republican Star Meg Whitman Preparing to Lay-Off 30,000 HP Workers

Meg Whitman, whose net worth is estimated at $1.3 billion, ran for governor of California in 2010 (but lost in the primary) because she claimed she wanted to represent We the People:

(Image via Wikipedia)

The daunting task of restructuring Hewlett-Packard will begin in earnest next Wednesday when the company reports its quarterly earnings. Sources familiar with the company’s plans say that CEO Meg Whitman will discuss the opening steps of a company-wide restructuring plan that will include the elimination of about 30,000 jobs.

A report by Business Insider yesterday pegged the range of cuts at HP to between 10 percent and 15 percent of its current work force of 320,000 people. But sources familiar with HP’s plans tell AllThingsD that the cuts will be carried out over a relatively long period of time, perhaps a year or more. A report by Bloomberg News out minutes ago puts the target at 25,000. The exact number of cuts, one source told me, is still considered a “moving target” and could grow or shrink.


I don’t get how someone who claims to have that mindset — of representing We the People — can also have the heart to fire tens of thousands of people.  I can’t make those two personality-types fit together in my mind.


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What’s Goin’ On?

I just listened to an hour-long talk by Dr. Cornell West on Boulder’s “alternative radio,” KGNU.  At one point he mentioned Marvin Gaye and his song, “What’s Goin’ On,” which I love but hadn’t heard in years.  I was on my morning speed-walk at the time so when I got home I looked it up and played it with the volume on high.  It’s better than I remember:



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