50,000 Brown People Died Over the Last 6 Years Due to America’s Drug Addiction

May 17, 2012 at 7:57 PM Leave a comment

I am shocked.  I had no idea 50,000 — 50,000! — of our neighbors to the south have died in the last six years in the fight to supply the United States with the drugs it craves.

Here is a haunting photo essay from The Atlantic:

Thousands of guns are destroyed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua State, on February 16, 2012. At least 6,000 rifles and pistols seized from drugs cartels were destroyed by members of the Mexican Army. (Jesus Alcazar/AFP/Getty Images)

Where did those guns come from?  The United States.

● ● ● ● ●  ●

young man lies dead next to a skateboard and a bicycle after unknown gunmen opened fire in the eastern part of Saltillo, Mexico, on December 7, 2011. According to the state attorney general, three young men were killed in the attack. (AP Photo/Alberto Puente)

More images here.

Instead of building bases (yes, we’re doing that too) and joining counternarcotics efforts in Honduras, killing civilians, pissing off the people and arming the Mexican government, we might want to take a look at why so many people in the U.S. feel the need to get high.  Ya think? Unemployment comes to mind.  Debt comes to mind.  The cost of medical treatment comes to mind.  Mental illness comes to mind.  Over-stressed parents and families come to mind.  Seniors who are freaked out about being able to live with dignity until they die come to mind.  Hello!

But no.  I guess the thinking is that 50,000 dead brown people (and counting) is preferable to the USA! USA! USA! facing what’s going on at home.


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