Texas — You’re Petty, Hateful and Ungrateful

May 27, 2012 at 7:33 PM 1 comment

I live in Colorado. The men you see here tarring roofs in 98º weather, breaking their backs while pulling rocks out of the ground to install sprinkler systems and  holding “Slow” signs on sweltering days in a road construction area are all Mexicans.

Three or four years ago we had our backyard re-sodded because two puppies running around all winter with their friends meant we were looking at a mud pit.  The boss was a white guy who barked orders to his Mexican workers.  I feel awful about it to this day.

So excuse me Texas.  I know your reality is the same as mine.  It’s what’s happening all over the west.

So could you cut the people who make your life a whole lot easier a bit slack as in letting them ORDER THEIR PIZZAS IN SPANISH?

Image via fhwa.dot.gov.)

OMG.  Really?

Never in the history of modern civilization have people been so divided over pizza. Until now, that is. A chain of take-out pizza joints is the center of controversy over plans to hand out free pies next month when orders are placed in Spanish.

The Dallas, Texas-based Pizza Patrón chain will offer free pies on June 5 at all 104 of their nation-wide outlets. Yes, there is a catch, and while it might not seem all that strange to some, angry Americans are boycotting the eatery over the promotion.

Pizza Patrón plans to give away 80,000 pies during the three hour window of the promotion, extending freebies to anyone that orders in Spanish.

“People (just) need to ask for the pizza in Spanish,” Jose Miguel Dominguez, the owner of four Houston, TX locations, tells local KHOU 11 News. “Pizza is universal in every language so all you really need to learn is ‘por favor.’”

“If they come and order in Spanish, ‘Pizza por favor’  or ‘Quiero pizza,’ we’re giving it away free,” Pizza Patrón Franchisee Randy Schmidt adds to Denver, Colorado’s CW 2.

No matter which way you slice it, though, many outspoken customers of the chain aren’t all that enthused.

“It seems to punish people who can’t speak Spanish, and I resent that,” Peter Thomas, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, tells USA Today. “In public areas, people should be speaking English, and that includes pizza parlors.”


No words.



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  • 1. JC for pennies  |  May 28, 2012 at 7:48 AM

    Ah, but they’re privately owned businesses, aren’t they? What about “private property rights,” a right championed by conservatives nationwide? A private property fanatic in our town once declared loudly that he should be able to “commit MURDER” on his own property. What, you don’t agree? GOTCHA!!

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