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Citigroup Providing Free Bicycles — Don’t Buy it World!

This is from the “liberal” The Independent of London:

Hello, New Yorkers, if you’re there. In a few weeks you’ll welcome to your streets 10,000 bicycles that will make you, says your fellow New Yorker, the writer David Byrne, “rethink your city and rewrite the mental maps you use to decide what is… possible.”

Manhattan will become the latest city to adopt a bike hire scheme, deploying the same machines we use in London. Here’s some advice before you hop on: Get a cheap helmet; consider the effects of sweat before riding to social engagements; start saving – the scheme is more than five times the price of London’s – and never get run over (taxis may be your nemesis).


This photo accompanies the article:

(Image via

Citibike?  As in Citigroup.

Citigroup was one of the five or six banks who crashed the global economy.  They aren’t our friend.  But they want to be.


This photo disgusts me.  Come on world, let’s not fall for their cheap effort to woo us.



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Mitt Romney Uses Memorial Day Speech to Essentially Call for More Wars

Hey Mitt, great way to honor our vets:

Speaking to an enthusiastic audience of several thousand on Memorial Day, Mitt Romney cast the presidential campaign as a choice between a candidate who supports a strong military and one who would shrink the defense budget and weaken the nation’s armed forces.

The presumptive GOP nominee underlined the urgency of his message by warning supporters the world was “not safe.”

“I wish I could tell you that the world is a safe place today,” he told an audience of roughly 5,000 people – many of them military families – at an outdoor park in San Diego. “It’s not.”

Romney offered a laundry list of geopolitical concerns from Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon, to Mexican drug cartels, to Russia’s growing military.

“We have two courses we can follow,” he said. “One is to follow the pathway of Europe, to shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs.”

As commercial planes rumbled overhead, descending toward a nearby airport, Romney suggested he would choose another path.

“The other is to commit to preserve America as the strongest military in the world, second to none, with no comparable power anywhere in the world. We choose that course,” he said. “We choose that course for America not just so that we can win wars, but so we can prevent wars. Because a strong America is the best deterrent to war that ever has been invented.”


Peace through war.

Mitt, I hate to break it to you, but we’re there:

(Image via

I wonder if a time will (ever) come when Americans boo that kind of talk.  Look at that fu*king chart.

How decimated does our society need to be before we say we’re spending enough on the military already?

Oh, and it doesn’t take much to see where Mitt’s going here folks.  Forget “social needs.”  Defense companies will be rolling in dough if he gets elected and as for “social needs?”  Well, not so much.



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Kudos to Students in Montreal

You may have heard about the huge protests in Montreal last week:

Protests that began in opposition to tuition fees in Canada have exploded into a political crisis with the mass arrest of hundreds of demonstrators amid a backlash against draconian emergency laws.

More than 500 people were arrested in a demonstration in Montreal on Wednesday night as protesters defied a controversial new law – Bill 78 – that places restrictions on the right to demonstrate. In Quebec City, police arrested 176 people under the provisions of the new law.

Demonstrators have been gathering in Montreal for just over 100 days to oppose tuition increases by the Quebec provincial government. On Tuesday, about 100 people were arrested after organisers say 300,000 people took the streets.

But what began as a protest against university fee increases has expanded to a wider movement to oppose Bill 78, which was rushed through by legislators in Quebec in response to the demonstrations. The bill imposes severe restrictions on protests, making it illegal for protesters to gather without having given police eight hours’ notice and securing a permit.


According to the, “Among other things, the law requires organizers of protests of more than 50 people to submit their demonstration route to police eight hours ahead of time.”

So, they did:

(Image via @PWeiskel08 on Twitter.)





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My Kind of Cake

Check out these adorable cakes from

(Image via

(Image via

Love that brown one.  And look at how soulful the eyes are on both of them.

Great job.

More here.

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It’s Party Time in Ol’ London Town

The British are celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.  She has reigned since February 6, 1952, and they’re going all out.  Today the “largest image of the royal family ever produced,” a photograph taken in 1977, was hung on the side of a building on the bank of the Thames river.  ““It is the owner’s tribute for this very special occasion, when on Sunday 3rd June, the Jubilee Flotilla passes by and the country celebrates 60 incredible years of everything that makes Britain great.”

Here’s video of the photo being installed:

Have fun Britain!


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