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I had lunch with my brother today.  One of the things we talked about was how much we miss “soul music” and the good ol’ days of Motown.  As with most things having to do with African-Americans, that glorious part of their history is being disappeared.

But if Republicans want to take us back to the 50’s and 60’s (my brother and I were there), this is where we’d want to be:

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Radioactive Bluefin Tuna? So What

One of the big news stories today is about radioactive bluefin tuna found off the coast of California that has been contaminated by the ongoing Fukushima disaster.

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But get a load of this:

More than a year has passed since that devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Nearly 16,000 people were killed as entire towns were swept away. Boats, cars, and homes became islands of debris floating toward the West Coast, and some of it has started washing up on Montague Island in Alaska.

At the mouth of Prince William Sound, there are bottles and barrels, spray cans, fishing gear and worries about toxic chemicals. The Japanese writing on this fuel canister says Danger.

“We can clean this up given the resources, but it’s gonna be a four-, five-, six-year process,” said Chris Pallister, president of Gulf of Alaska Keeper, a group that tries to keep wilderness beaches free of trash.

Pallister said things like building insulation from Japan can be found along the Alaska coast, “and I mean there’s boatload after boatload after boatload of that up and down the shoreline.”

By 2013, it’s estimated as much as 1.5 million tons of wreckage from the tsunami could reach the West Coast from Alaska all the way to California.


I lived in Laguna Beach for about three months when I was in the sixth grade before my parents moved a few miles inland to Orange. Believe you me, if roofs and cars and “boatload after boatload” of radioactive contaminated stuff washes up there, this brouhaha about bluefin tuna will evaporate.

After all, we’re talkin’ OC, home of the 1%-ers, as in Mitt’s lil’ ol beach house.

Trash a blue collar fisherman’s fishing ground in Alaska? No biggie. Trash the 1%-ers beaches?  That’s an emergency.




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Why Was Obama Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Again?

The U.S. is going drone-crazy.

President Barack Obama’s administration appears set to notify the U.S. Congress of plans to arm a fleet of Italian MQ-9 Reaper drones, a step that may spur a wider spread of remotely piloted hunter-killer aircraft.

The administration could move ahead within two weeks on the proposal to let Italy join Britain in deploying U.S. drones with weapons such as laser-guided bombs and Hellfire missiles, American officials said.

Italy has a fleet of six Reapers. The sale of the technology to arm them, including bomb racks and “weaponization” kits costing up to $17 million, would help the United States redistribute the burden of its global military operations as the Pentagon’s budget is being squeezed by deficit-reduction requirements.


So touching isn’t it (think of all the jobs!) that the Military Industrial Complex has found a new toy to sell to the world and that President Obama is acting as its Salesman in Chief?

The Nobel Peace Prize huh?

And about the Pentagon’s budget being “squeezed;” what a joke.

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What if Men Could Get Pregnant?

I’m all for this!  Enough with putting it all on the woman:

The Standard Examiner reports that a local doctor in Utah has written three-page proposal to fine every father who impregnates a woman or girl, saying the fee — and the subsequent penalties — ensures, “No boy would dare have sex without wearing three condoms.”

The consequences?

  • Restrict elective abortion to the first 16 weeks.
  • Require DNA testing to determine paternity of all out-of-wedlock children, even aborted.
  • Require the father to establish a $50,000 trust fund to care for any out-of-wedlock child, even if adopted. If the child is aborted, the fund is used for sex education.
  • If the father can’t pay, he joins the military and uses his enlistment bonus and salary to pay.
  • No man can avoid paternity claiming “she seduced me,” or that she claimed she was on the pill, had her tubes tied, whatever.
  • Man under 18? His parents are responsible.

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Humans Being


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A train in central Sweden inched along for nearly 2 miles following an 11-year-old autistic boy who was walking barefoot along the railroad tracks, police said.

Passengers on the train wanted to get off to help the boy but staff members told them it was against regulations to open train doors mid-route, Sweden’s The reported.

Witnesses said the boy threw stones at the train and occasionally became so tired he sat down on the tracks and rested, forcing the train to come to a halt.

It took more than 50 minutes before police arrived to take the boy off the tracks.


What I love about this is that the passengers weren’t hugely irritated or maybe furious that the train was going so slowly for so long, but hey actually wanted to get out and help.

Good on them.



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CNN Hires Anthony Bourdain to Try to Rescue it From Extinction

You may have heard that CNN, which, 20-years-ago you could count on for actual news, is experiencing historic low ratings.  IMHO they deserve it.  I don’t watch television during the day but I like to start the morning out with some news but what CNN has to offer are sets filled with women who giggle a lot. If I wanted that I would turn to MTV or Nickelodeon.

Anyway, in what it apparently thinks will help save it, CNN announced today that it has hired Anthony Bourdain to add some spice to its programming:

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World-renowned chef, bestselling author and Emmy winning television personality Anthony Bourdain will join CNN as host of a new weekend program, creating a signature showcase for the network’s coverage of food and travel. The announcement was made by CNN Worldwide Executive Vice President and Managing Editor, Mark Whitaker.

“For more than a decade, Anthony Bourdain has been a trailblazer in educating Americans about different cuisines and cultures around the world, as well as an outspoken commentator on social trends ranging from the rise of celebrity chefs to the impact of fast food chains to the spread of vegetarianism and veganism,” said Whitaker. “Examining the world through the prism of Tony’s unique expertise and passions continues CNN’s long-standing commitment to international reporting and to promoting global understanding.”

Launching in early 2013, the show will be shot on location and examine cultures from around the world through their food and dining and travel rituals. Slated to air domestically on Sundays in prime time with repeat airings on Saturday nights, it will mark a further step in broadening and distinguishing CNN’s weekend programming from its traditional weekday news coverage.


My immediate thoughts are:  First, I love Anthony Bourdain, especially his cockiness and his snark, but I won’t like him if CNN squeezes him into a watered-down version of his real self.  Actually, I can’t see Bourdain being happy at CNN.  I do think they will try to pretty him up so I have my doubts as to whether the “marriage” will last.

Second what exactly does CNN stand for?  As I said above, it used to be the go-to place for news, news from all around the world.  Now it wants Bourdain to be the “signature showcase for the network’s coverage of food and travel?”  Whut?  Since when is CNN known for its coverage of food and travel?

Oh, and remember when Piers Morgan was going to save the network after Larry King left?



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Tear Down That Poster

This is just awful.  We’re talking Great Britain here folks. What is this world coming to?

Police Given Powers to Enter Homes and Tear Down Anti-Olympics Posters During 2012 Games

Police have been handed ‘Chinese-style’ powers to enter private homes and seize political posters during the London 2012 Olympics.

Little-noticed measures passed by the Government will allow officers and Olympics officials to enter homes and shops near official venues to confiscate any protest material.

Breaking the rules could land offenders with a fine of up to £20,000.

Civil liberties groups compared the powers to those used by the Communist Chinese government to stop political protest during the 2008 Beijing Games.

Anita Coles, of Liberty, said: ‘Powers of entry should be for fighting crime, not policing poster displays.




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