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Serta Brings You Donald Trump’s “Affordable Luxury” Mattress

I’m sure Donald Trump has the future of the country in mind when he rants about President Obama’s birth certificate.

Then again.  Maybe not:

(Image via

Maybe what he’s really thinking about is drumming up business.

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Things I Didn’t Have Time to Post

Here are some things I heard about today that I thought were interesting but I’m too tired to put an individual post up about:

France Moves to Cap Executive Pay at State [Funded] Firms

France’s new government will flesh out plans to cap the pay of top executives at state-controlled companies by mid-June, laying down a marker in a Europe-wide debate fuelled by waves of austerity and rising unemployment.

Elected this month promising to curb the privileges enjoyed by France’s wealthy and powerful, Socialist President Francois Hollande pledged during campaigning to limit senior executives’ salaries [paid by taxpayer’s money] to a maximum of 20 times that of their lowest-paid employee.

The tax dollars French citizens are paying are funding these “state” firms so no question about it.  Executives shouldn’t reap huge salaries paid for by tax dollars.  A no brainer imho.  I mean, let’s cap the executive pay of defense contractors wo suck off of the boob of the U.S. tax payer.  The scary –yikes! —  Socialism can be a good thing.

North Carolina Republicans Protecting Home Builders — Want to Hide Climate Change-Induced Sea Rise From Buyers

Ah yes.  Republicans.  Always looking for a way to protect the corporatocracy and to rip We the People off:

North Carolina science people have determined that coastal sea levels are expected to rise 1 meter [3.28 feet] by 2100 — far more than they’ve traditionally risen, due to the expected impacts of climate change. But developers in 20 coastal counties, see, have determined that such a rise would be bad for development prospects. So they’ve lobbied the state to lower that forecast to only 15 inches instead, because why not? Fifteen’s a nice number. Arbitrary, sure, but can’t the scientists just shut up already?

The difference between 3.28 feet and 15 inches isn’t all that much right?  [Yikes!] So hey, WTF.  Everyone involved will be dead and buried (w/millions passed on to their ALEC-member-kids who will control the world my neighbor’s 3-year-old boy will live in.)

It’s Casserole Night in Canada

The sound of casseroles, or banging on pots and pans, has become a common sound of Montreal’s nightlife for the past week or so.

Tonight, the sound is spreading to the rest of the nation as protesters in over 60 cities across Quebec and Canada (and some international locations like Brussels, London and Madison, WA). Organizers want to emulate Quebec’s casseroles movement, which has its roots in the Chilean cacerolazos, anti-goverment protests in the 1970s and ’80s. Tonight’s Facebook page humourously dubs the event “Casseroles Night in Canada.”

The movement in Montreal was sparked by the ongoing opposition to tuition fee hikes and the introduction of Bill 78. Protesters gather on neighbourhood street corners during the evening, clanging pots, pans, and anything else they can grab, and march all over Montreal. Supporters along the way join in by making noise from their balconies, front doors and windows.

One of the things Canadians are protesting is a new law — designed to quash protests (crazy gets normalized) — requiring them to submit a map outlining their protest route eight hours in advance.

This is the map they submitted last Wednesday:


Thumbs up casserole people oh, and if I were you, I wouldn’t buy a home on the Florida coast.



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The Answer to Everything: Rub Some Bacon On It!

I’m a bacon person through and through. I.  Love.  Bacon.  So when I came across this video last night I knew it was meant to be my break time! post today.




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People in London Are “Mad as Hell”

If you don’t read Dave Zirin over at, I recommend adding him to your list. His official beat is sports, which I don’t care a whole lot about, unless we’re talking the Tour de France, but I like him because he writes about issues that arise out of sports and sporting events.  Like this summer’s London Olympics and the side of the games the corporate media won’t talk about:

(Image via

Upon returning to the United States after two weeks amidst London’s pre-Olympic terrain, I have some final thoughts that I hope the International Olympic Committee and the UK’s Tory Prime Minister David Cameron take to heart. …  Your games are in trouble because the people who actually have to live in London alongside the Olympiad are mad as hell. And it’s only May.


There is scant discussion that these London games could come in at ten times their proposed 2005 budgetas well, causing another “debt crisis” that will be taken from the hides—not to mention the pensions—of the UK’s workers. At several events involving trade union workers and bureaucrats, the message was repeated to me over and over: when the Olympics are over, the gloves will come off.

In other words, faced with the pressures of austerity and recession, Cameron and company are cooling their jets until the Olympics are over and then they will try to do their level best to disembowel the unions and further cut taxes for the wealthy. Why wait until after the Olympics? Because Cameron needs the unions’ cooperation to make sure that the games come off on time and on schedule. They need to make sure the unions don’t take strike action or join the demonstrations planned for July 28, the first Saturday of the games. This is why they agreed to sizable bonuses for London’s subway workers. Anything to make sure that the Olympics show London, and more critically David Cameron, in the best possible light.

Alexander Wolff, the great journalist from Sports Illustrated, is stationed in London and wrote this week, “Every time I come to England I’m struck by how the lowbrow mingles with the high.” But in London the “lowbrow” are angry and the “highbrow” are scared. They mingle only in the shared sense that a storm is coming to the British Isles. The summer will be filled with games. But an epic fall awaits.

The whole article is so good I’m having difficulty distilling it down to a few cut and pasted paragraphs.  It isn’t all that long.  I recommend reading the whole thing, here.



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Mitt Romney’s Default Mode: Coward

The brilliant Frank Rich is out with a new article today in which he muses about a couple of things.  It’s titled:  Mitt’s Bleach-Bottle Bimbo.

One guess as to who the bleach-bottle bimbo is.

This guy:

And as usual, Rich rips Mitt a new one:

Romney appeared at a fund-raiser in Vegas last night with Trump as host. Is Mitt going to end up regretting this association?

There’s been no better cost-benefit analysis than that from George Will, who, in his now famous Sunday morning fulmination said: “The benefit — what voter is going to vote for him because he is seen with Donald Trump? The cost of appearing with this bloviating ignoramus is obvious.” To spell out the costs in the Trump case, I’d start with the fact that (1) Romney once again brandished his default mode as a coward, running away from the press before the Trump fund-raising event to duck embarrassing questions; it was a resonant replay of his disappearing act during the Limbaugh assault on Sandra Fluke. That he cowered from Trump queries on the same day he was urging increased U.S. bellicosity toward Assad in Syria undercuts any Romney pretense to “leadership”; (2) Romney again revealed his tone-deafness to the America where the hoi polloi live; he really does seem to think that Trump is an A-list celebrity who could serve as the right’s answer to George Clooney, when in fact Trump’s status is roughly that of Bristol Palin during her heyday on Dancing with the Stars; (3) It hands the Democrats another golden opportunity to make an ad mashing up Romney’s “I like being able to fire people” with Trump’s “You’re fired!”; (4) If you will fly to Vegas for a one-night-stand with a bleach-bottle bimbo, you look as if you will do anything for money.

Exactly.  (I still can’t believe Mitt’s doing as well as he is in the polls.)

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Time to Force Fox to Drop the Word “News” From Its Name





This morning on “fair and balanced” Fox and Friends, Fox aired an Obama attack ad which opened with the phrase, “Fox and Friends Presents…”

Watch it here.

This crosses a huge line.  When an organization that bills itself as a “fair and balanced news” channel starts producing its own political ads, it’s time to pull the plug on the use of the words “fair and balanced” and “news.”


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Registrants for Komen Race for the Cure Way Down

Ouch.  It looks like the Komen Foundation may have caused itself permanent damage as a result of last February’s row over Planned Parenthood:

With just days until the Komen Global Race for the Cure in the District, registration is way down compared to last year, and it’s in part because of the controversy that surrounded the charity’s relationship with Planned Parenthood.

In 2011, 40,000 people converged on Washington as part of the annual charity run and walk, raising $5 million for clinics across the nation.

However, this weekend’s race will fall short of last year’s numbers, and its not alone. Races in cities such as Seattle, Richmond and Fort Worth have seen their numbers drop by, on average, one-third. In D.C., 25,000 people have registered for this year’s race.

A row emerged this past February when the Komen for the Cure announced it was pulling grants to Planned Parenthood for breast exams. The organization reversed its decision quickly.


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