We’re Supposed to Genuflect to Obama for This?

June 4, 2012 at 8:22 PM Leave a comment

Folks in Wisconsin have been busting their ass to recall Governor Scott Walker since February, 2011.  They did it. He’s up for a recall vote tomorrow.  The polls open in roughly 12 hours.

After having said nothing about that — not a hint of encouragement or comment — this would be what Barack Obama tweeted tonight:



Where has the Democratic party, and its “support,” been in the last year+?

MIA, that’s where.

Sorry Obama.  You don’t understand how important tomorrow’s election is.  If Barrett loses, I’m tempted (and I’m not alone) to give up on the Democratic party as a whole, and that would include you.

The battles you pick don’t make sense to me, i.e. renewing the Bush tax cuts.  You talked for months — years really — about how you were against them.  Then you stood up for a few days in some faux fight and voila,  over night you said yes.

Then the Wisconsin recall happened, during which you could have lent support to the folks on the ground, you didn’t do a thing.


Until an hour ago.


Hope and change.





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