Domain Name Insanity

June 13, 2012 at 2:31 PM Leave a comment

I suppose we’ll get used to it but I think this is going to be ridiculously confusing:

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Today ICANN, the international organization that oversees Internet-related issues like domain names and IP addresses, has released the first list of applicants for “Top-Level Domains,” and TV networks are well-represented on that list. What is a Top-Level Domain? Well, instead of having a “.com” or “.org” at the end of a website address, a Top-Level Domain can be anything, provided ICANN approves it.

So, which TV networks and media companies applied for the domains? ABC (.ABC), CBS (.CBS), Fox (.Fox), HBO (.HBO) the BBC (.BBC) and Weather Channel (.Weather) are all there, so soon instead of going to “,” you will be able to go “” or ‘” or whatever combination the company comes up with. Likewise, instead of “” the company can create “News.CBS” or “Survivor.CBS) if it wanted, and so on. If a company is granted control of a domain it can also sell or offer it to other companies or entities. Amazon is seeking control of “.book”, and if it gets it other companies would have to go through Amazon to acquire a “.book” domain.


Ah yes, the beginning of the control of the Internets by the corporatocracy.



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